Texas Brawl Started Over BLM

Texas Brawl Started Over BLM Ends In Spray Down Of Passionate Woman

At the current time in American history, despite all the division – or perhaps because of it – passions are riding high on either side of various arguments.

Take the case of a man in Austin, Texas, who decided to rid his property of a woman he called a bully by shooting her with a hose.


Her complaint to him was that his American flag was obscured by his Black Lives Matter sign, and she invaded his space both physically and vocally to make her point.

“She told me where to stuff it,” Doherty told the local station. “I don’t remember her exact words, but she swore at me, yelled at me, and then I blew it off.”

Blowing off bullies is not always the most advisable course of action…even if the person in question simply wants to correct sentiments shared by signage provided by avowed Marxists which is blocking one of the most powerful symbols of the most powerful nation on earth.

The bully may always double down.

So Doherty decided to get out his hose and sprinkler head, which he initially pointed in the direction of the woman’s car, hoping she’d decide to leave, the outlet reported.

The act instead prompted the woman to walk onto his lawn…

The woman can be heard saying, “Turn that damn thing off” and “If you spray me…,” seconds before Doherty turns the hose on her.

“She adopts a really aggressive stance, and she told me to turn my water hose off, and I just wasn’t going to do it,” Doherty told the outlet. “I’m on my property, and she was being ridiculous and abusive and saying the worst things for half an hour. I’m not going to back down on my property.”

That’s one of the beauties of the American way of life. On a person’s property, a guest is just that. When asked to leave, that is the appropriate course of action.

Even if the guest does have a point about the prominence of the American flag.

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