Texas Governor Orders Legal Actions Against Biden Administration

In the rush to reverse all things Make America Great Again regardless of what the American people want or do not want, without consideration if it’s good for the country, one of the business sectors that has taken a hit is energy.

It is fairly well known that the halting of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline does not much more than shift the profit for shipping the oil in question to railroads owned largely by Warren Buffett. What isn’t as well known is that another Biden executive order limits the number of leases granted to the states and various businesses for the production of oil and gas, so-called fossil fuels that come out of rocks.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is not amused. On Wednesday, he authorized agencies within the Texas state government to sue the federal government for negative impacts on the state’s economy.

“When it comes to threats to your jobs, you have a governor who has your back,” he told workers at an oilfield service firm where he signed his order. “Texas will protect the oil and gas industry from any type of hostile attack from Washington,” he said.

Regardless of the fallout, whether or not Americans lose their jobs due to oversweeping regulations that are nothing more than bending a knee to the globalist climate hoax effort, Joe Biden is signing away on executive orders that are hurting Americans. It is not just jobs in the oil and gas fields, either.

Cities in Texas also would be prohibited from banning natural gas appliances under state bill he plans to file, Abbott added.

There is nothing like cooking on a gas range for many of us who spend way too much time in a kitchen. Aside from that, putting all appliances in electricity alone invites trouble for the common man.

That’s what the Biden people all seem to be striving to do whether We the People want that or not.

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