The Disaster Named Kamala

Remember when Kamala Harris was just an insufferable hag you’d seen in the Senate and elsewhere making her political opponent’s lives miserable? Those were the good old days before she was elevated to a position of power that she is clearly unqualified for. That’s probably a good thing. If she were capable, given Corn Pop’s mental issues,  she’d likely have already ascended to the White House. Hooking and crooking can only take a disliked dummy so far.

The one-time Senator from California held her seat for about as long as her sponsor, Hussein Obama, held his tainted Illinois seat. Their paths were a little different but both involved powerful globalists inserting them into a position from which they could be elevated. On her way to the U.S. Senate, Harris was groomed at the knee, or in that general area, of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown.  Bath House Barry always appeared to be well groomed as well.

Now that she’s been pressed into service as the Soros / Obama number two stooge, Harris has been having a rough time. Like a day-old Dr. Pepper, she’s fallen flat and is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

Harris was a badgering, mean-spirited bully during her time in the Senate. These days she’s able to get less done as a condescending school marm type. With a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, plastic smile, and a few inappropriate cackles she’s ready for prime time. If she can just stick to the script she’s Democrat VP material.

Harris was once a reasonably effective debater, particularly when she could control the content and the duration. Now she struggles to not sound like a total dumbass. Is it merely a coincidence that we ended up with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber or was that part of the scheme for the Obama third term all along? There is an insulation value in having a regime filled with liars and unqualified idiots that aren’t worth talking to.

When Harris is vicious, she’s being herself and on her game. When she’s pretending to be likable, she’s obviously lost. She has no idea of where she is or where she’s trying to get to. It’s just too much of a stretch for her to be able to pull it off.

But wait a minute. Isn’t she an African American woman? Shouldn’t that be enough? What does it matter the nature of anything that traverses her tongue or what’s between her ears? She was born with a full complement of eggs and brown skin. Isn’t that everything she’ll ever need to succeed in today’s America?

It’s her right to be a babbling numbskull and not be questioned. She’s our border czar. What difference does it make that she’s not Russian and can’t seem to find her way to the border?

Harris has chosen to identify herself as African American falsely. She is kind of dark-ish, making for an easy enough sell, and of course, it would be racist to not take her claims at face value. We’re told to ignore the fact that Harris’ mother was born in the Asian country of India. We must pay no attention to the fact that her father was born in Jamaica, which is over 4,000 miles from the closest point in Africa.

The dubious senator from Massachusetts, “Squatting Feces” Warren, taught us that valuable lesson. Feather up America, lies are truth and truth is lies. Harris is African American. Obama got away with it, why not her?

Her father, who is still living, is an economist on the faculty at Stanford. That parental influence could explain how she’s so good at wreaking financial chaos. Maybe her dad read her those classic bedtime stories about the Titanic and the Hindenburg when she was a young, demonic tadpole.

The Obama Soros globalists behind the curtain are protected by the bubble of apparent incompetence they’ve created around them. When every response to a question is a cackle, a mumble, or a nonsensical ramble there is a lowering of standards and expectations, resulting in fewer questions. Over the long term, it leads to diminished expectations.

The globalists are in this for the long game, the destruction of America. Neither Harris nor Elmer Fudd Sr. cares how they are perceived in the present. They are supposed to be the fall guys at a minimum. They know that history is written by the victors and they see their comrades as being the ones who will be writing their glowing tributes in future history books glorifying the overthrow of our country. With Marxists, commies, and lefties of every stripe, the end justifies the means.

The worse Biden and Harris look, the more resignation and acceptance of the hopeless situation we find ourselves in by the American people. It is also difficult to challenge them when the response is incoherent and nobody is willing or allowed to have the necessary traction to invigorate the public into action. A wet blanket on the formerly free press has proven to be integral to their success.

The globalists have the perfect combination of public stooges, behind-the-scenes villains, and a lazy, gullible, dumbed-down population that is too often unwilling to stand up to them or to fight for their own survival, their families, and their country.

It is not going to be easy to save this nation.

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California Hits New Bottom

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