The Guardian Writes Fake Story

The Guardian Writes Fake Story To Destroy Conservative Blogs

The Guardian website has assumed the role of your conscious and appointed themselves as your arbiter of truth… The final word on fact or fiction… After all, like all liberals who have self-appointed themselves to the hierarchy they believe the average American citizen is too stupid to discern between what’s true and what’s false, so they have decided to do it for you…

Following the 2016 Presidential election, the liberal hierarchy realized that conservative blogs like this one and many others played a major role in helping President Trump get elected… Not because we are paid by the campaign, but because we devote our lives to accurately reporting the conservative message. For example, the liberals devote a lot of their time telling people that conservatives are racist, that we hate homosexuals, and that white people are superior…

In recent years though the black, brown, Asian, homosexual communities, et. al. has come to discover this is not true and this has pulled the votes that the Democrats have relied on for decades right out from under their thumbs.

A major player in the conservative blog world, a company called AFF Media, Inc., owned and operated by Dino Porrazzo Sr. and his son Dino Porrazzo Jr. has become the most recent target of these pompous liberal arbiters of truth and Jason Wilson, an Australian-born writer for The Guardian living in Portland Oregon recently wrote an article attacking the integrity of the Porrazzo’s and in coordination with Facebook had their Facebook pages removed the same day the story was released.

The Guardian headline on the Porrazzo’s reads: “Revealed: Trump-linked consultant tied to Facebook pages warning election will cause civil war” with a byline that reads: Network run by fake news-publishing father and son spreads word to Trump supporters they should prepare for violence in November.”

That title alone should have been enough to get Jason Wilson kicked to the curb for trying to publish a fake news article with no basis in fact… It’s total Bull S**T! I know the Porrazzo’s and while they might like to be consultants for the Trump campaign to the best of my knowledge, they have never even attended one of his rallies or been within a mile of the President.

The Guardian author, Jason Wilson, provides no support for this accusation other than to point out that the law firm the Porrazzos use do their accounting and act as their registered agent is an elected official in California… He’s the San Bernardino auditor-controller and ran as a nonpartisan candidate, but is a member of the San Bernardino Republican Party… Perhaps being an Australian-born moron Jason thinks that makes the Porrazzos “Trump-linked consultants.”

Where was the Guardian’s fact-checkers when Jason Wilson submitted this article for publication?

The story in the Guardian goes on the criticize the Porrazzos for publishing stories that have a “limited basis in fact” but the fact is that no less than eight times in the past two years the Porrazzos have challenged Facebooks censoring of post for being false and Facebook has reversed their action after the Porrazzos were able to prove their articles were factual… A process I’m certain Jason’s article in the Guardian would never be able to withstand…

The Guardian article by Jason Wilson devotes a lot of time trying to link the Porrazzos to white supremacy groups by pointing out that there are links to pages that promote the idea of an American civil war on some of their Facebook pages and that they are linked to the Three Percenters, a decentralized, national militia movement that the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes as anti-government extremists…

First, anytime you see someone using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source to prop an argument up it’s the first sign that you should not take them seriously… The Southern Poverty Law Center should be classified as a hate group and has no business assigning any such classification to anyone. They have millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts, consider anyone who believes in what is written in the bible is a racist bigot and one former employee said working there was like working on a plantation. They have no credibility!

Southern Poverty Law Center aside, Jason Wilson connects the Porrazzos to several militias and assumed white supremacist groups in the same way he connected them to the Trump campaign. They have a meme that links to a page that has links to a group that belongs to an organization that believes there will be a civil war… Sure, OK, Jason… Whatever the Guardian will let you get away with…

Probably the only truth in Jason’s article in The Guardian is that there is a lot of talk in the comments about violence breaking out during or following the November presidential election. I don’t know Jason, so I have no idea how much he gets out of the house or if he spends any time at all on social media, but this is a common discussion among those on the left and the right these days… It doesn’t involve any conspiracy theories at all, it’s pure rational observation on the side of both parties.

America is currently as divided as it has ever been along political lines. It’s not the first time the nation has been divided politically, in fact, America has essentially been politically divided for well over 200 years now and talk of another civil war is nothing new… It’s been an ongoing discussion and I’m sure Jason Wilson must have heard that America actually did once fight a civil war on American soil…

The truth is the discussion is probably healthy because it keeps people aware of the history and constantly looking for ways to avoid repeating such a thing… The discussion is not just limited to the citizens either the federal government has expressed concern that mass mailing of ballots during a time when there is such tension in the country could result in civil unrest and the Department of Justice is taking steps to prepare for such a problem.

The American militia is as old as the country itself and is spoken of in our Constitution… They are not racist, and they are not anti-government… Quite the contrary, they are all-inclusive, any American is welcome and the Constitution is their most revered document.

While the details of this fake story by the Guardian are important to establish the fact that it is in fact, FAKE, the most important aspect of these liberal hit jobs on conservative blogs like the Porrazzos own are the jobs that have been lost as a consequence of their irresponsible reporting, the use of their clout to destroy the lives of hard-working men and women. In the midst of a pandemic, Jason Wilson seems to believe the best use of his time is to write fake stories that destroy people’s livelihoods because their opinions, and perspective differ from his…

People say you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts, but the truth is where politics are concerned it is possible for people to believe things from different perspectives… For example, Jason and the rest of the liberal loons believe that Trump has no regard for the Constitution and that he is changing the very fabric of America… While I don’t doubt that Jason and others like him believe that and have come to rationalize it in their minds to the point they are convinced it is factual…

From my perspective, however, I hear the Democrats openly telling us that they want to get rid of the electoral college, that they want to make laws out of their “hate speech” resolutions, and that they want to infringe on the citizens right to bear arms… All of these things, plus others they frequently advocate for, require Constitutional amendments. I have not heard President Trump suggest a single Constitutional Amendment so, in my mind, it is the Democrats that want to destroy the very fabric of America.

What Jason Wilson, with the help of The Guardian, has done to the Porrazzos as well as others is reprehensible… I don’t need or want anyone destroying someone’s livelihood because they think I am too stupid to determine fact from fiction on my own… That is why so many people rush to the United States borders willing to risk their lives getting across them… They don’t want the government telling them how to think and what to believe… This coordinated effort to silence half of the American population that has conservative views and to remove historical landmarks that represent the struggle America has endured to become what we are today is exactly the sort of thing that destroys a country and there are too many examples to list…

The Guardian and Jason Wilson owe the Porrazzos an apology and before they publish a story criticizing someone for publishing fake news, they should fact check the story and make sure it’s not full of as much BS as the article on the Porrazzos!

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