The New York Times Has Made A HUGE Mistake!

So, here’s the question of the day: is the Old Gray Lady of the mainstream media really printing all the news that’s fit, or are they making things up as they go along to smear targets?

That question, actually, is part of a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit filed against the New York Times by Liberty University. On March 28, 2020, the Times printed a story about a Corona Virus outbreak at the school while they were re-opening, which the administration of the college has labeled “click-bait,” the derogative term used for a headline designed to get people’s interest. The story claimed that there were 12 students with COVID-19 symptoms, and even quoted a physician claiming that the students had upper respiratory infections.

The problem, according to the Liberty University administration, including its president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., is that no one tested positive for the virus.

“There was never an on-campus student diagnosed with COVID-19,” the suit went on to say.

Liberty also claimed that the Times set out “to engineer a specific fictional tale that portrayed Liberty and its President as a caricature the New York Times’ liberal audience would love: backward, irresponsible, anti-science, responsible for getting people sick in a pandemic, and closely tied to and mirroring President Trump.”

Liberty University is in Lynchburg, Virginia, and describes itself as a conservative Christian college. Falwell believes that they were targeted due to this reality, as Christian symbols, Churches, and statues have been targeted nationwide for destruction among the mayhem. Church buildings have been burned and looted. Statues have been defaced and decapitated. There is even an effort to get the name of one city, Saint Louis, to be changed simply because it is named for a Catholic saint.

All of this does not necessarily add up to a war on Christianity, but it certainly does seem like there is irrational hatred within the nation’s borders, and the New York Times has no shame in fanning the flames.

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