The Next Generation Of The Mob Scares Their Elders

The Next Generation Of The Mob Scares Their Elders

The chiefs of the Cosa Nostra in New York have a pretty big problem. The next generation of the five families is not what the old men and women want for successors. It seems that they are entirely too millennial to be heirs.

The five families fear handing over the reins to the new generation of Mafiosi because they’re softer and dumber, having grown up in the suburbs rather than city streets — and are too attached to technology, sources told the Wall Street Journal.

“Everything is on the phones with them,” a former made member of the Colombo family told the paper.

Court records even show one Colombo associate completely eschewing the code of silence while threatening a union official over extortion collections — all in easy-to-prove text messages, the outlet said.

“Hey this is the 2nd text, there isn’t going to be a 3rd,” the associate wrote, according to court records.

No street smarts…and no common sense, either. Everybody knows that private conversations should be held in a public park where there is a fountain as far from cell towers as possible while leaving the phones in the car(s). Text messages are essentially easy to find evidence.

And then there’s social media, and the narcissism involved, which encourages poor decision making.

Last month, alleged Colombo consigliere Ralph DiMatteo, 66, was forced to hand himself in on a federal racketeering case a day after his son tweeted a photo of him relaxing in a Florida pool.

These fears of incompetence have led to elderly big bosses clinging onto power and putting the mobs at risk, former FBI agent Scott Curtis told the WSJ.

And no small wonder, that. It seems that the old men are just not going to give up when they can’t trust that the kids will do things right.

Curtis said it was a factor in alleged Colombo boss Andrew “Mush” Russo’s downfall.

The wiseguy — who was arrested last month over accusations of labor racketeering, extortion, and money laundering — had been micromanaging the feared family even at the age of 87, according to Curtis, who investigated the family operation for years.

In one FBI recording, Russo had admitted secretly to an associate, “I can’t walk away. I can’t rest.”

It’s so bad, the families’ futures are now more threatened by mismanagement and resistance to replacing the top guys than by gang wars or rats, the WSJ said.

“That’s why you see some of these guys getting arrested repeatedly,” Curtis said of the bosses.

“They have to have their hands on all these minute details of the scheme,” he said, leaving many in prison and the families in crisis.

Who knows. Maybe the cell phones and the suburbs will lead to the end of the mob.

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