This Frequent Guest Of Epstein Refutes Knowledge Of Crimes Despite Photos

Former President Bill Clinton is having trouble defining the word “is” again. Over the years in the dark corners of the internet, the man himself has been caught on film multiple times enjoying the hospitality of recently indicted for sex trafficking Jeffrey Epstein. On Monday, about forty-eight hours after the news of Epstein’s arrest hit the airwaves, a spokesperson for Bill Clinton released a statement that claims the former president and known philanderer has no knowledge of the crimes in the indictment. Oh, no, Bill was not involved in any way.

In fact, the statement goes on to say, former President Clinton only took four trips on Epstein’s private plane all of which were to other continents, not a Caribbean Island that Epstein owns and where news of sex trafficking and sexual abuse has surfaced over the years. According to the statement, Clinton has also never been to Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach or his ranch in New Mexico.

The records including a number of photographs that have surfaced all over social media, on the other hand, indicate Clinton traveled to the island, Little St. James, without his Secret Service detail, no less than twenty-six times. Many anonymous researchers have looked into the matter, and that is the conclusion.

While this is the story in one part of the internet and broadcast media, those caught in the leftist echo chamber may never hear any of it other than the denial. From the time the Epstein arrest was announced, the legacy mainstream media has been busy trying to claim that Epstein and President Donald Trump are associates. The problem with that statement is that President Trump very publicly banned Epstein from his properties after an incident at Mar-A-Lago where Epstein was caught abusing a minor. What exactly happened varies from report to report, but the daughter of an employee was the victim, and Trump was not having any of it.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, can try to run, but this one might be the cement shoes that are going to sink him after all these years.