Top 10 Examples Of Black Privilege – Yes, It Does Exist!

Someone recently sent me this video of ten examples of Black Privilege and at first, I thought whatever because frankly I’m pretty fed up with all of this racist BS going on in America right now and thought it would be just another racist moron upset because everyone is upset… It turns out he makes some pretty rational well thought out points in regard to Black Privilege…

Somehow, someway, we are going to have to put all this BS about race behind us… I am a Hispanic male who adopted a young black kid when he was 8 who is now almost 30 and I know real racism exists, not just in this country but all around the world… I know because I have traveled a great deal of the world and seen it and experienced it but the thing being ignored by everyone really is that racism and classism have always existed and will always exist… It is not powerful enough to prevent anyone from doing anything though… At least not in America.

America has been fighting against slavery and racism from its inception… We have sent troops to foreign lands to fight against slave traders and fought one of our bloodiest wars on our own land between our own people to end slavery. The battles were fought primarily between white people too… More than half a million white Americans gave their lives fighting to free the slave and it was white America that elected a black president for two terms… One could make a pretty good argument that white Americans have sacrificed and suffered at least as much as the small percentage of slaves brought to America in that era.

I’m not trying to minimize what the country has gone through, but notice I said “country.” Slavery and racism have had an impact on all Americans and for anyone in America today, after what our ancestors sacrificed and suffered through to provide us with a more perfect union, to play the role of victim and squander away the opportunity they fought, bled and died for to give us… well… you’re pathetic and a national disgrace!

There was one comment left by someone named Jay Thunder on YouTube in reference to this video that I found quite profound I will share before you move on to the video:

My grandparents were born over 100 years ago in the south, my parents 70 years ago. They grew up with Jim Crow laws, lynchings, all the racial strife through the 40’s, 50’s 60’s… they told me many times of their daily lives through even the worst of times. They stressed to me: they DID NOT live in constant fear of white people. Even in those days, even in the south there were white people who were fair and decent to them, and those they knew to avoid. My grandparents didn’t grow up in constant fear, and my parents certainly didn’t. My grandparents worked hard put my mother and aunt through college in the early 60’s. They owned their own home, ran their own business and made a decent life for themselves- even in the south during Jim Crow. There lesson for me always has been: our generation didn’t cower and live in fear- yours CERTAINLY shouldn’t! I would consider it a grave dishonor to my family living and passed, to live my life as though I face ANYTHING like what they did, and that it somehow holds me back- when they weren’t held back by the real deal! It’s insane to me for my fellow black people to pretend to have it so bad in 2020, when my ancestors got on with it back in the day when things truly were bad. We have to stop this insanity, but I fear it’s getting worse these days, with the media and BLM types perpetuating black fragility and victimhood. Very sad.

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The following is a quick overview of the top 10 examples of black privilege discussed by the narrator in the video:

  1. Hip Hop Music: As explained in the video if you are white to become a successful artist it’s an expensive uphill battle… If you are black you just need to be able to talk shit and make it rhyme.
  2. Physical Superiority: He points out that 80% of NBA players are black and 70% of Football players are black. He points out that if blacks and whites each made up 50% of the population you could write that off to hard work but blacks are less than 13% of the population and whites are 72%… He notes that on average blacks are bigger, faster, and stronger and that, according to this guy doing the video, is physical superiority.
  3. Preferential Hiring: According to this guy if you have two people who are both smart, hard-working, qualified, and about the same age… The only difference is one is black and one is white…The black guy will get the job.
  4. COVID-19 Preference: Prior to the unfortunate death of George Floyd everyone was locked up. After his death, none of the rules applied to white people. The same people who criticized the small groups of white people protesting the shut down were suddenly encouraging the crowds of black people in the streets in June. Somehow though the recent spike in COVID cases is blamed on white people socializing.
  5. Your Own Army: The narrator of this video is jealous because he doesn’t have his own army of pretentious white people to fight his battles as blacks do. He points out that Democrats are required to fight their battles and will go to great lengths to track down other white people to fight for them. He notes though that this has proven to be injurious to blacks so maybe it’s not a privilege.
  6. The N-Word: The narrator notes that being from California he has never even heard a white person use the N-word but says that while he’s not even allowed to pronounce it in a conversation but that he can’t watch a black comedian or listen to a black rapper without hearing the word constantly, He says blacks use the N-word so often that it might just be the most used word in their vocabulary… If you’re white though and a social justice warrior finds out you used the word 15 years ago… Your life is ruined.
  7. The Idea Of Racism Itself: The narrator points out that there has never been a time when people were not judging each other and doing so is just built into us as humans. He runs down the list of historical eras where Europeans, Indians, Asians, etc., were slaughtering each other. He says it has more to do with culture than color.
  8. The Cool Factor: According to the narrator black people set most societal trends and everybody else tends to follow them. He says that many white people are desperate to be more like blacks and rattles off some examples to prove this.
  9. You’re Allowed to Riot: The narrator asserts that black people are not held responsible for anything they do as a group. As long as they do it in numbers white people will write it off as historic oppression.
  10. You Were Born In America:  He says that white people bear the shame of black slavery that is unique in all the world. He then points out that more black people have immigrated to the United States than were ever forcibly brought here. He asks the question, “why would they do that if they didn’t think coming here would improve their lives?”

The narrator points out that most blacks would reject these things because they are hard-working Americans that understand how great America is. The video goes into far more detail than I have outlined above and I would suggest you take a few minutes to watch the video… I think you will find it interesting.

Do you think Black Privilege Exist?
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Mark Lewis
November 22, 2021 4:57 pm

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