Top 5 Hottest ANTIFA Girls…NOT!

If you have ever wondered why the members of ANTIFA always show up wearing all black with their faces completely covered, I’m pretty sure you will understand why when you’re done feasting your eyes on these beauty queens… There is just no way to win here… If I was as ugly as these women I wouldn’t want anyone to know what I looked like either and if I were associating with creatures that looked like this I wouldn’t want anyone to know who I am either… LOL

Our first lovely beauty queen is Vinn Elise Heath…This beastly looking creature has been charged with the brutal killing of a Colorado Springs mother that her and her boyfriend stabbed to death… Her first arrest was for stabbing a cat to death… A classic sign of a sociopath that is sure to kill humans at some point and she did not disappoint. If you think she looks a little on the masculine side… Maybe a little too much testosterone flowing through her… Well, that’s because this beauty was born a man and now believes he is a woman… Should you ever be interested in dating her and find out she’s not used the knife on her anatomy, you might want to call her Cohen… That’s the name her parents used… Oh, wait a minute… Be careful if you get that urge to flirt with her… The boyfriend that helped her do the killing, he’s sexually confused as well… They are both transgenders. Too freaky for me ladies and gentlemen, but hey… To each their own… I’m sure someone will find a use for them in prison. LOL



OK, come on now, calm down… Don’t be so anxious to find out why the next beauty spends her nights not so scantily clad in full ANTIFA uniform… Amanda Layla Woelfle is a real prize that any ANTIFA militant would be fortunate to get a hold of… She’s a known armed Portland, Oregon ANTIFA militant and true leader… She likes rioting and looting and when not hiding her looks physically, she uses pseudonyms to post instructions for her fellow ANTIFAs on her rioting and looting plans. She is extremely active in the Portland ANTIFA extremist scene and loves to boast about her weaponry… Before his demise she was a close associate of Sean Kealiher, a deceased ANTIFA militant whose claim to fame was calling on his fellow ANTIFAs to terrorize and attack schools… Unfortunately, he was killed before he had the chance to celebrate any successes with Amanda… She’s all yours… Give her a call, maybe she will show you her guns… LOL



OK, so just maybe this is one you should have rushed to get your eyes on because she was sentenced to 23 months in prison for being a bad little girl… Apparently she couldn’t keep her little dick skinners off the donations from a Portland, Oregon Women’s March and made off with thousands of dollars… Getting sentenced for a couple years was no big deal for her though because she already knew her way around the prison after having served time previously for robbery… Don’t get close to this one unless you find her attractive… She can’t seem to keep those dick skinners off things that don’t belong to her… OK, that’s not an entirely true statement…  When she was serving her time for robbery, she cut her tiny testicles out and then sued because she was locked up with the boys… Perhaps when she is done serving her prison sentence this time she will become a professional speaker and talk to children about the dangers of bullying… Maybe even join the First Lady’s “Be Best” campaign… After all, I can’t think of anything that will get a mans attention faster than telling them years of being told “you have no balls” can lead to cutting out your own testicles… No more teasing this one… He got no balls… No, really… He got no balls!  LOL



Allright, don’t be so upset the last one was a convict with no balls that can’t keep her dick skinner to herself… This enticing young lady here is a real winner… At only 22 years of age she is a proud ANTIFA member who showed up to counter protest a “No Marxism” rally at Berkeley University in California… The “No Marxist” rally group canceled but some 4,000 leftist and ANTIFA members didn’t let that deter them from protesting and rioting… I mean why not… When you are a young sexy thing like Emily the world is your oyster and there are a lot that need smashed open… She made a mistake on this occasion though and was caught on video attacking a local Fox News affiliate… She must have left her ankles exposed… Whatever, if she’s not serving time or hasn’t had her face smashed in by some sexy red blooded patriotic American Republican woman, who knows… You just might be her type… Oh, and don’t let the manly looks fool you… This thing is actually a female.  LOL



OK, for those of you that made it this far drooling, or more likely vomiting all over yourselves, I saved the closest thing to a reward I could find in the ANTIFA babe category… Allow me to introduce 23-year-old Margaret Alice Shiple, an ANTIFA militant from Oregon who found herself in handcuffs, not for a spanking but for interfering with a police officer and second-degree disorderly conduct… You might just have a chance at winning this one over, as I imagine she is lonely in the ANTIFA circles… You don’t score points for second-degree anything in that group… She’s gonna have to step up her game as an ANTIFA militant, but she is slightly more pleasing to look at than the other beauties highlighted here and with a few drinks you might just be able to toss a flag over her to make her more “Glorious”… She’s already in handcuffs so that might help you keep control of her… LOL



Let us know who your favorite pick here is for ANTIFA beast of the year in the comments and if anyone takes the hand of one of these in marriage, let us know if you took the rest of her as well… LOL  make sure to click the “Follow Us” link below to receive regular updates from the website and then LIKE US on Facebook for additional content!  Like Us On Facebook!

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