BREAKING: Palm Beach Town Council Attorney Issues Painful Opinion to Trump Haters…

When President Trump announced he would be moving to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach making it his permanent residence, a number of his neighbors who developed full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome over the past few years initiated legal action in an effort to prevent our former President and first lady from residing full time at the Mar-a-Lago resort.

The deranged neighbors were relying on an agreement President Trump made with Palm Beach in 1993 when he was granted approval to convert the Mar-a-Lago estate into a private club. One of the stipulations was that no member of the resort could spend more than three weeks per calendar year at the resort. According to some who were involved President Trump’s attorney told the Town Council that he would not live there and only use Mar-a-Lago’s guest room as any other club member would be allowed.

Photo Credit: Debbie Murphy

President Trump’s current attorney John Marion informed the Palm Beach Town Council in a letter that the stipulation being referenced by those objecting to the President living at Mar-a-Lago was merely a verbal statement made at the time but it was never included in the written agreement. John Marion wrote in his letter:

“nothing that may have been said by or on behalf of any of the parties to the agreement before it was entered into is relevant.”

To add insult to injury of the deranged neighbors the Palm Beach zoning code does permit President Trump to reside at the club. HA!

These facts, as well as other relevant information, led the Town Attorney John Randolph to notify the mayor and town council of Palm Beach that he agrees with the analysis put forth by President Trump’s attorney and that he is not in violation of any agreements or zoning codes and is well within his legal rights to reside at Mar-a-Lago.

The Palm Beach Town Council still has a hearing set for February 9th and will hear from all interested parties. The hearing is not limited to his neighbors only and there are a LOT of American patriots in Palm Beach that love and support President Trump and they are proud to have him as part of their community… I bet someone could make good money selling tranquilizers outside the meeting on the 9th… The liberal loons will no doubt be in full whacko mode. LOL

Photo Credit: Debbie Murphy

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Photo Credit: Debbie Murphy

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February 3, 2021 10:33 pm

bunch of childish bedwetters….

February 3, 2021 11:55 pm

My guess is that President Trump will not be in Palm Beach for long. Those who think he has given up the fight and walked away, will be in for a big surprise when Trump drops the AX on the George Soros Deep State in the near future. Personally, I would be more than happy to have the Trump Family living in my neighborhood.