Trucker Convoys Bringing Out The Worst In Government And Tech Control

Trucker Convoys Bringing Out The Worst In Government And Tech Control

Grassroots citizen’s movements against governments have not been a real, headline-grabbing threat to the power structure in the west for a long time.

That is changing – rapidly – with the emergence of unmovable convoys of truckers.

It started in western Canada where winters are long and snowy. The truckers were organized with military precision and began making their way toward the Capitol city of Ottawa in Ontario. Then a GoFundMe account was set up to support these people who were taking time out of their lives and livelihoods to protest vaccine mandates and do a citizen’s demonstration of a desire for freedom.

That simply could not be, so the powers that be who control GOFundMe shut down the account, which as last reported has over seven million dollars in it. That was a bit of a temptation for one Canadian “lawmaker” who tweeted about the possibility of appropriating that money for the citizens of Ottawa who have been affected by all the big trucks sitting in the streets and honking horns all day and night.

Some in Ottawa are disturbed by that, but others are joining in the fight in their own way. The towing companies are all self-isolating with “COVID.”

The popularity and hand-in-hand cooperation of all operators have not stopped the tech giants of the internet from interfering with the stories getting out. Youtube has deleted the live streaming channels and is labeling some of the others. So, the truckers are using Twitter to get out the stories that will never appear on mainstream media outlets.

The rest of the world is working to catch up. There have been convoys in European and South American nations. Australia is working on their version despite government edicts. In the United States, like Canada a nation with three thousand miles to travel from east to west, the convoy movement is getting organized reportedly out of California. With the interstate system, American truckers can and could tie up the roads for a while on their way to the swamp and clog up inside the beltway like there is no tomorrow. There would be no shortage of support on the fruited plain, either.

This is a threat to the powers that wannabe. So, what did they do? They shut down the organizing group’s Facebook page.

Like that is going to stop truckers hell-bent on peacefully defending freedom.

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