Trump Announces Tour Dates With Well Known Stranger

Trump Announces Tour Dates With Well Known Stranger

When President Donald Trump burst onto the political scene in 2015 and began his famous rallies, he made Americans believe in themselves and the American way after a number of decades of depressing managed decline. Trump called his siren’s song “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” and the liberal wings of the USAmedia, Democrats, country club Republicans, and more – derided him for the effort.

Trump made the faux pas, in their minds, of reminding Americans of what this country USED to be before the globalists started shipping jobs overseas, and tried to turn what used to be a robust manufacturing economy into a wasteland of servitude.

And then there was the endless parade of women claiming Trump in some way sexually harassed or raped them. None of the stories ever really rang true. None of them ever stuck, either, and the liberals tried throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the President.

Now that he has some time on his hands, a nationwide tour has been announced with former Fox News headliner Bill O’Reilly, a man also accused of sexual misconduct. Mainstream media outlets are linking the allegations to the pair alongside the announcement and making a mountain out of the history angle.

A press release on O’Reilly’s website notes that Trump presided over “an especially intense period” and says the pair will “discuss exactly how things were accomplished, as well as challenges, both good and bad!”

It describes O’Reilly himself as a “Historian/Journalist”. He has co-written bestselling books including Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln about presidential assassinations.

The release quotes Trump as saying: “These will be wonderful but hard-hitting sessions where we’ll talk about the real problems happening in the US, those that the Fake News Media never mention.”

The 45th president also promises that “it will be fun, fun, fun, for everyone who attends!”

The Following Dates Have Been Released:

  • December 11, 2021          Sunrise, Florida

  • December 18, 2021          Houston, Texas

  • December 19, 2021          Dallas, Texas

Trump and O’Reilly are kindred rightwing populists who have raged against political correctness, offering dubious examples such as “the war on Christmas”.

O’Reilly, the former presenter of Fox News’s top-rated The O’Reilly Factor, adds in the press release: “My job as a historian/journalist is to get important things on the record in a fact-based way. These conversations with the 45th president will not be boring.”

As the pair are both native New Yorkers, there is no way the conversation will be boring.

How this manifests is anyone’s guess. We the People will be on the lookout for the events.

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