Trump Campaign Scores YUGE Win In Oklahoma Court!

As I’m sure the Trump campaign expected the evil liberal forces tried to prevent him from holding his first post pandemic rally and sure enough they did… And sure enough they LOST!

The plaintiffs were two local citizens, Shannon Martin and Stephen Bruner, joined by the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation and the Greenwood Centre… The defendant was actually ASM Global, the operators of the Bank of Oklahoma Center where the event is being held.

The plaintiffs claim they are immunocompromised and assert that the rally poses a danger because the crowd is not expected to wear mask or adhere to social distancing… I guess they didn’t get the memo from the Trump campaign telling them no was was required to attend and to stay the heck away if they were afraid of the virus…

What might surprise everyone though, is the plaintiffs told the judge that their lawsuit is not political… The complaint clearly states that “This case is not about the president.” Just in case that thought would have crossed your mind… They insist they would been seeking this injunction regardless of who was holding the rally.. Even if it was Joe Biden or an NBA game… No political bias here… You get that idea out of your mind right now! LOL

The plaintiffs motion states:

“Plaintiffs merely seek a court order requiring ASM Global to institute protocols for the June 20 event, including the mandatory use of face-masks and social distancing rules for all guests and employees, as recommended by state, local and federal authorities, and by every credible and qualified medical expert who has studied this issue.”

Judge Rebecca Brett Nightingale clearly saw through their BS and to her credit was much more diplomatic in her one-page order than I would have been with a two word order… The first word in my order would have started with F and the last word would have been OFF! Judge Nightingale put it this way though:

“It does not appear by the Petition that Plaintiffs are entitled to the relief demanded.”

Very kind and diplomatic of her, wouldn’t you agree? LOL

Republican Senator for Oklahoma James Lankford has publically advised senior citizens and others who might be at higher risk of the obvious… Stay away! Well, he too like the judge was slightly more diplomatic and made the following statement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

“We’re advising people if they’re coming to the rally, if you have co-morbidities, if you are older, or you have other health issues – don’t come.”

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself impressed by the patients some people have for these ignorant liberal democrats… No one is forcing anyone to attend any rally… No one is forcing anyone to go eat in a restaurant, no one is forcing anyone not to wear a mask, and no one is forcing anyone to leave their house so if you want to live in fear, mind your own damn business… If you need someone to help you feel more secure or justified in your fear… Turn on CNN or MSNBC and mind you own damn business… Everyone else, please… Lets vote these clowns out of office in November!

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June 18, 2020 9:37 am

I agree 100%. It was pretty obvious from the start that Sino-Lung-Rot is most dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immunology. And those people, myself included, need to take every possible caution. But it makes no sense to shut down Hugh swaths of the economy for a condition that for most people has only minor effects if any.
Unless of course your intent is to dismantle the foundations and structures of Post Treaty of Westphalia Western Civilization.