Trump Comes Through For Troops In Washington

While the swamp known as Washington, D.C., was locked down before Joe Biden’s coming out party at the Capitol, tens of thousands of soldiers roamed the streets. Once their shifts were over, the men and women of the military needed a place to lay their heads, and a few were offered the floor in the Senate cafeteria in the Capitol building.

On Thursday, they were disinvited from those accommodations and were told to make do in a parking garage, a tidbit that went viral on Twitter.

It’s not just Joe Biden’s America, but the leaders of Congress who betrayed President Donald Trump and the American people in the last three weeks in ways that WILL NOT be forgiven.

Following this tweet and a couple more including this quote:


“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressman walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

As well they should. Freshman Congressman Madison Crawford, a disabled veteran himself, hand-delivered pizza to the troops confined in the parking garage, and more than one lawmaker vowed to “get to the bottom of the outrage.”

The damage, though, was already done, and the American people responded just like they always do when learning of soldiers being abused in any fashion.

So did some of the more outspoken Republican leaders. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Governor Greg Abbott of Texas called their National Guard battalions home.

That still left thousands of soldiers and National Guard members in Washington, and, just like the leader he is, the person who came to their rescue was none other than President Donald Trump. He gave his permission for the soldiers and military to stay in his hotel in Washington.

There never has been a president like him, and most likely never will be again. God bless the man.

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