Trump Initiates Another “Official” Withdraw From Useless Organization

Making good on a promise made in the midst of this COVID-19 “pandemic” which is turning out to be more of a play for power than anything else in certain parts of the United States, on Monday, the Trump administration formally withdrew from the World Health Organization, a United Nations operation that never seems to work quite right.

President Trump claims that the WHO favors China entirely too often, a complaint this administration has of the behavior of several non-world government bodies that like to tell sovereign nations what to do within their own borders. In April, Trump threatened to formally withdraw. In May, he made a list of demands, none of which were met. And so, in July, right after America celebrated her independence from the mother country of England, President Trump and his team followed through.

And with this action, carrying through following a threat, the administration further proves that they mean what they say. On an international scale, that should be taken as a sign. We will see if the message sinks in other parts of international life.

Of course, the Democrats, and those who hang on the words of all health “experts” no matter what they say and how wrong they turn out to be almost all the time, this is devastating news. The claim is the Americans’ health will suffer the lack of authority the non-world government body brings to the table. More likely, though, is that the WHO, and by extension the United Nations, needs the cash America provides just to keep the lights on.

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Too bad. American money is no longer available without strings. Our money, as is the case with all nations, should be spent to further our best interests, not those of other states, non-profits, or non-government organizations aspiring to be all-powerful one-world governments by a nicer name.

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