Trump Seeks Social Media Injunction From Court

Trump Seeks Social Media Injunction From Court

If the 2020 election and the subsequent banning of a president from all social media platforms did nothing else, it exposed the censorship in which those entities engage on a regular basis.

Plain and simply, President Donald Trump was kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube without any explanation, thus silencing his voice in the ongoing American political discussion.

Being a businessman who knows his way around the block, Trump did what all good business guys do in that situation. He filed lawsuits against the platforms.

Trump filed the suits in coordination with the America First Policy Institute, which was founded by former members of his administration and was granted nonprofit status as a public charity by the IRS in May.

The three suits, filed in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also ask federal judges to overturn the controversial immunity protections granted to internet companies in 1996 by declaring Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act unconstitutional.

Katie Sullivan, executive director of AFPI’s Constitutional Litigation Partnership, said YouTube and the other social media platforms have “inconsistently applied their terms and services and their community standards.”

“What they do is say, ‘Hey, look, we have this free and open community you should join where you can share political thought, updates on family, or even have the ability to make a living.’ But the defendants do not apply their rules evenly or consistently — they censor specific voices and thought so that other users only hear one side of a story,” Sullivan said in a phone interview with The Post.

The censorship was most certainly noticed by those paying attention and following the president.

Now, the Trump lawyers are asking the judge in the YouTube case to issue an injunction so that he can advertise merchandise.

The fact that a president was banned from even the advertising section should say a lot about the people running the platforms themselves.

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