Trump Takes Action On Citizenship Question For Census

President Donald Trump has had enough. He has had enough of the hmming and hawing and the delays and the lawsuits for an action that has long been needed to ensure that the representatives the fifty states and four hundred and thirty-five congressional districts send to Washington are truly elected by Americans.

On Thursday, during an announcement in the Rose Garden at the White House, President Trump announced that he is issuing an executive order for the Department of Commerce to put a question on the constitutionally required 2020 census asking if individuals identified on the household sheets are citizens.

The executive order comes as more of a response to the Supreme Court than anything else. Despite a unanimous vote stating that the question itself is constitutional due to the congressionally passed discretion given to the Commerce Department on what to ask, Chief Justice John Roberts and the liberal wing of the court requested a better explanation from the Justice Department on why the question should be included.

Why this is even an issue at this point given that the questions asked are up to the Commerce Department?

That is something that needs to be answered by the people who not only took the question off of the census in the first place – Democrats – and who don’t want it there now. Democrats.

The reality is that without the citizenship question on the census, legal and illegal residents of just about every state are counted in the population totals. That results in some states having higher populations reported than just citizens who are the only people who should be voting in elections for the politicians who supposedly represent them.

Taking out non-citizens from the population totals will result in a redrawn electoral college map, which will, in turn, effect presidential elections in the future.

Democrats don’t want that. Hence, their foot-dragging at every opportunity to stop the Trump Administration from doing the right thing for the citizens of the nation.