Trump Tweet Says He Won’t Attend Inauguration

In one of the more interesting twists of the political week, and that’s saying something right now, the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account published a sort of bombshell.

All over the mainstream media, as well as social media, celebrity news personalities and the organs for which they work trumpeted “TRUMP WILL NOT ATTEND BIDEN’S INAUGURATION.”

That was not exactly what the president said. No, he said he was not “going to the inauguration on January 20th.”

One supposition on that wording is that since the “Biden inauguration” is said to be going to be virtual (how can Crazy Uncle Joe put his hand on a Bible via a Zoom meeting?) is that this is literal, President Trump will not be physically present with the others when it happens.

Another idea floated on Twitter in various forms is that for one reason or another there is not going to be an Inauguration on the 20th. Given that the parade grandstands and inauguration platforms were taken down in the last week after the initial set-up, that is a possibility. The assumption is that an inauguration will take place at a later date. How that is going to work, if it happens that way, will be interesting to behold.

However, it is interesting that less than 24 hours after Twitter suspended the president’s account for inciting violence – which never really happened no matter what the powers that wannabe has insinuated – all of a sudden such a perceived bombshell was posted.

Of course, since President Donald Trump has not actually conceded – at least publicly – there is a question of what exactly this means.

With this president, anything is possible. The one thing we do know is that he does not broadcast his moves and he doesn’t say what he does not mean. That alone is intriguing and a reason to pay attention to what happens in the next few days in Washington and beyond.

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