Trump Vows To Make Social Media Giants Face The Music

After a year or more of the complete hypocrisy of social media platforms allowing all kinds of information about riots and various “unrest” around the country to be freely shared to all and sundry in direct violation of so-called “community standards,” those same social media giants in the last few days have outright purged quite a number of accounts and groups which are outright conservative or have a bent in that direction using the “community standards” criteria claiming that many of them were inciting violence.

With this elimination, the voices behind those accounts – including the President of the United States – have been censored if not outright silenced.

The argument is that the “privately held” companies which happen to be publicly traded (Twitter lost significant market share on the stock exchanges on Monday) can exclude any sort of language they want…just like thought police would.

The problem with that, of course, is that the American First Amendment comes into play. Do we have freedom of speech or not when “community standards” are unevenly applied, and used to justify censorship of speech?

That being the case, after the weekend of the long knives on Facebook and Twitter, President Trump plans to deal with the people behind the purge according to a source to CNN.

The adviser allegedly told the news outlet that the president plans to use “his permanent suspension from Twitter as an opportunity to shift the narrative away from the insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier in the week,” instead spotlighting the left’s attempts to censor conservative ideas and voices.

“This isn’t just about President Trump, but this is literally about the 75 million Americans [who supported him],” the adviser claimed.

The reality that President Trump has never advocated violence via social media or any other outlet or forum never seems to enter the conversation even if it is a convenient excuse to try and muzzle the most powerful man in the world.

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