Trump's 2020 Presidential Campaign

Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Rewrote The Book On How To Barnstorm

Now that the 2020 presidential election is upon us, some reflection on how President Donald Trump was able to turn the COVID “pandemic” into a net positive for his campaign is worth some analysis.

Earlier in the year, when the Trump campaign team started scheduling rallies just the same as they did in what we were told was Trump’s un probable victory in 2016, suddenly it all came to a screeching stop thanks to a bug so small that electron microscopes are needed to see it.

Just like all the social distancing and mask-wearing, we were told to do just to flatten the curve and keep people “safe” and “protected” it was determined that large gatherings indoors simply were not in the best interests of the people’s health.

That being the case, indoor event venues were out for any campaigning done by the Trump team.

But outdoor venues weren’t, and since the president regularly travels by air, why not bring the people to places where the president would land when traveling.

In a word, it was genius.

For the most part, with the exception of Minnesota where the governor and the attorney general teamed up to force the campaign to only admit two hundred and fifty people, this approach coupled with jumbotrons outside for the crowds of people who were not in line early enough to get into the venues, translated into events – affectionately dubbed protests against stupidity – easily double the size that an indoor event would be.

In addition, one broadcast organ, Right Side Broadcasting Network, made its name going from venue to venue providing live streams for every protest against stupidity with over 177,000 people watching at one point during the event in Rome, Georgia, on Sunday.

That is simply amazing, and a number that the Joe Biden for president campaign could not match if all their events were combined a few times over.

Americans are traveling hours to attend these rallies just for the chance to get in, and if they can’t, well, there’s still camaraderie among the people, and the chance to see Air Force One land in the background.

Add this making lemonade out of the situation to citizen-led parades on water and land, to spontaneous rallies across the nation in places like Beverly Hills, California, and Queens, New York, and one has to wonder just how accurate the polls claiming that Joe Biden is ahead really are.

Tuesday night we will know soon enough.

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