Trump’s Census Strategy Fleshed Out Uses All Government Databases For Count

Some liberal media outlets are playing the Trump Administration’s decision to employ an executive order to not so much put a question on citizenship on the 2020 census, but use the power of the combined databases of the federal government to determine the number of citizens in the country a legal cave. Axios reports that conservative lawyers are disappointed. The entire fiasco is now being presented as a waste of time, and questions are being asked as to why go through the exercise just to abandon the effort.

That question remains one to be answered, but the reality is that on a questionnaire like a census, lying is a definite possibility. There could be any number of people saying they are citizens when they are not. By tapping into the combined databases from the Treasury (IRS), State (passports), E-Verify, Department of Health and Human Services (food stamps, which online personality Brian Cates claims is a complicated maze of paperwork to traverse), Social Security (those magic nine digits that match up all of the others), and more, the Department of Commerce has the power to be able to determine the true number of living citizens without the interference of self reporting.

Honestly, this was a brilliant move on the part of the Trump Administration to simply bypass the usual system to determine how the representative seats in the House of Representatives will be split up. Now that a supreme court decision denies the courts the right to interfere in district drawing, there is every possibility that the make-up of the House of Representatives will be different after 2020.

In addition, there is a bonus in this process, in that social security numbers that have been stolen or are being used illegally will be routed out. And then there are the illegal aliens living in sanctuary cities asking for assistance from federal agencies. Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services have them on file.

All the way around, this executive order is the American people winning on steroids.