Twitter Employee Caught Spying For Saudi Arabia

Twitter Employee Caught Spying For Saudi Arabia

Online data shared on just about any platform is minable. That has pretty much been proven over and over. The internet is like a diamond, forever.

It would follow, then, that governments throughout the world would be anxious to get their hands on data pertaining to enemies, political dissidents, and the like. One man, the Department of Justice alleges, was funneling user data from Twitter to Saudi Arabia all while working for the social media platform.

The New York Times reports that former Twitter employee Ahmad Abouammo was employed at the company from 2013 to 2015 and was responsible for helping celebrities, journalists and other notable figures in the Middle East promote their Twitter accounts. Abouammo also handled verification requests for notable figures and arranged tours of the San Francisco headquarters.

The Justice Department alleges that Abouammo misused his access to Twitter user data to gather information on political dissidents and sold it to the Saudi Arabian government in exchange for a luxury watch and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Abouammo, who has been charged with acting as an agent of a foreign power inside the United States, committing wire fraud, and laundering money, is set to stand trial in federal court in San Francisco this week.

Why this information is coming to light now, with the trial starting when the wheels of justice in this country run notoriously slow is an interesting question. Joe Biden went to grovel at the feet of the Saudis for more oil, and they refused to accommodate him.

The case appears to illustrate the Saudi government’s intensity in pursuing information about its critics and is coming to attention at a delicate time in diplomacy between the United States and Saudi Arabia. President Biden made his first visit as president to the kingdom last week, which he once vowed to make a “pariah” in an effort to secure closer Saudi-Israeli relations and relief from high gas prices.

Interesting times, that is for sure.

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July 22, 2022 10:48 am

WHO in their right mind is stupid enough to use twatter for sensitive info to begin with? you deserve all the misery you get if you are that dumb.