Twitter Slams Door On Well Known Race Leader

Of late, the social media platform Twitter has been very active in banning and censoring what the powers that be there call “false information” and “violations of community standards” including “hate speech.” Usually, the accounts associated with such banning are conservative in nature, and the information being wholesale deleted is counter to the narratives pushed by the mainstream media.

This week, though, Twitter actually banned an honest to goodness hateful white supremacists. David Duke, a man whose name surfaces every now and then in politics, and a former head of the Ku Klux Klan, the original hate group in post Civil War America, got the boot from Jack Dorsey and company for violations of the rules of posting. This is how the statement from Twitter put what happened.

“has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct.”

Truthfully, the company did not identify precisely what prompted the suspension, but given his history, banning David Duke may well have been inevitable.

So, now that this has happened, the question remains why have so many other accounts that regularly spew hate and violence remain on the platform. There are plenty, and they tend to be those of Democrats and those hell-bent on Jihad. Why are they allowed to remain, when conservatives and white supremacists – however distasteful their rhetoric maybe – get the boot for “violating community standards” and “spreading false information” that just happens to be counter to what the gatekeepers of information are claiming on national television and other media.

Fair is fair, and the ban machine over at Twitter is not fair despite their claims.

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