Two Home Invaders Did Not Expect Things To Turn Out So Great!

I suppose if you are going to chose a life of crime and make home invasions a specialty, California is probably just about the safest state you could establish yourself in… They are one of the most unfriendly 2nd Amendment states in the Republic…

If you are willing to jump through the hoops to become a gun owner, your house is about the only place you can carry it and ammunition is an entirely separate problem in the state of late… So like I said… Probably about the safest place for a criminal to set up shop doing home invasions…

As with most things in life though there are no guarantees and you never know what you will find behind door number one…25-year-old Sergio Pacheco and 18-year-old Jose Perez learned this lesson in only one night and have taken that knowledge to the grave with them…

On the 23rd of June, shortly after midnight, at a home in Long Beach, California they decided to force their way into someone’s home… Once inside they assaulted the couple who lived there and much to their surprise they just happened to find a house with a California gun owner inside… The homeowner managed to get his gun and opened fire on the two surprised criminals…

The police arrived shortly after being called to the scene and found Jose Perez dead inside the house and his buddy Sergio Pacheco laid out dead in the street…

Things could not have turned out better for the homeowners that were surprised by to thugs breaking into their home in the middle of the night… I’m pretty sure Jose and Sergio had planned on things not ending so well for their victims but once you commit to going through the door, you have to accept the consequences… 🙂

God bless the American gun owner who is responsible and always prepared…

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Hank Huckem
Hank Huckem
June 26, 2020 4:03 pm

Good guy with a gun wins every time!