Two Liberal Senators Come Under Direct Fire

Two Liberal Senators Come Under Direct Fire From Multi-Billionaire Jeff Bezos

There is something seriously wrong with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. The man is one of the richest people on the planet, and he seems to think that anyone who criticizes his precious business should be targeted for criticism themselves.

That is the word coming from inside of Amazon itself regarding a recent spate of tweets aimed at leftist allies in the U.S. Senate, Senators Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

It could just be that Bezos doesn’t like to be questioned, but there’s probably another behind-the-scenes cause of this eruption.

Recode reports in an article titled “Amazon Started a Twitter War Because Jeff Bezos Was Pissed:”

 “that Amazon’s recent tweets harshly criticizing Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the result of a new mandate from the company CEO Jeff Bezos to fight back harder against criticism….

The timing was likely not coincidental. Bezos and other Amazon leaders are on edge as the company is facing the largest union election in its history at its Bessemer, Alabama warehouse. Election results will be tallied early this week, and Amazon officials understand that if a majority of the employee voters vote to unionize, it could set off a chain reaction at other facilities, with the potential to force the e-commerce giant to overhaul how it manages its hundreds of thousands of front-line US workers. There was terror inside the executive ranks of Amazon the last time a union election was held at a US Amazon facility — and that was only a small subset of a warehouse’s workforce, the majority of whom voted against unionization. That vote happened in early 2014 and consisted of just 27 technicians and mechanics at an Amazon warehouse in Delaware. In Alabama, though, the stakes are much higher with nearly 6,000 workers eligible to vote. Bezos knows all of this well.

Unionization at Amazon would be very expensive for the business model that has made Bezos such a rich man. Prices could not be as low as they are currently without putting a serious dent in profit with a unionized workforce. Reports from inside the warehouses claim that working conditions are next to unbearable, the very sort of atmosphere that invites unionization. Frankly, it’s only a matter of time if things don’t change at Bezos’s shop. Sanders and Warren are the sorts of people who would push unionization.

Really, Bezos should be expecting this.

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