University Of Georgia Encourages Bizarre

University Of Georgia Encourages Bizarre Changes To Students Sexual Activity

OK, things are getting even stranger if you can believe that… I’m starting to think this COVID-19 virus truly is more widespread than we realize and that the most pronounced symptom is a deteriorating thought process leading to complete and total ignorance… The virus seems to cause as much, if not more damage than those who have been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS… In Fact, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome seem to be the ones highly susceptible to the virus attacking the mind.

With many students expected to start returning to the University of Georgia their health center thought it would be prudent to release some guidelines for the sexual conduct of those returning to campus…

The university made a number of helpful recommendations that will no doubt improve the sex lives of many while destroying the sex lives of others… If I had to guess those who will experience the greatest improvement in their sex lives will also be those whose minds have been attacked by Trump Derangement Syndrome and left them vulnerable to the Coronavirus effects on their mind as well.

For example, the university informs the returning students that their safest sex partner is themselves and encourages them to practice solo sex… See how that might help the TDS/COVID morons out? I thought so… LOL

They go on to inform the returning students that the virus has been found in semen and feces of people with COVID-19 then cautions them that it is unknown if the virus can be spread through vaginal or anal sex… Something I’m pretty sure the TDS/COVID-19 crowd doesn’t have to worry about in their lives.

The university suggests that they talk about COVID-19 risk factors before having sex just as they would discuss consent, condoms, PrEP, and other safer sex topics… I wonder how many of them will have this discussion with themselves in front of a mirror?

Once and if you are still in the mood after you get through their list of recommendations they suggest that you consider wearing a face mask during sex… Don’t laugh, if he or she is still with you after following all their instructions, chances are you couldn’t stand looking at them to begin with and you’re starting to sober up…

In conclusion, the university recommends you stick to having sex with yourself and that you should wash your hands and objects with warm water for at least 20 seconds (longer than your recent sexual experience) before and after your sexual activity…

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University Of Georgia Encourages Bizarre

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