US Government Bans Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The latest move by the Biden camp appears to be another move in the attempt to isolate Russia from the rest of the world in the financial sphere. The United States government is now claiming that Kaspersky Antivirus Software is a security risk, and has said that the product cannot be purchased with Federal funds.

The Moscow-based cybersecurity firm, which says it has more than 400 million users worldwide, was added to the Federal Communications Commission’s list of restricted entities on Friday alongside two Chinese companies.

Now that Kaspersky is on the list — which also includes Huawei and China Telecom, among other Chinese firms — American businesses are banned from buying its products or services using federal subsidies.

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement that the move “will help secure our networks from threats posed by Chinese and Russian state-backed entities seeking to engage in espionage and otherwise harm America’s interests.”

In a statement to The Post, Kaspersky accused the FCC of playing politics amid Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

This would not be the first time that an American administration played politics in the business realm.

In 2017, the US government said that Russian hackers had used Kaspersky software to pilfer classified documents from the National Security Agency.

The Trump administration subsequently banned all US agencies from using Kaspersky software, citing national security concerns.

At the time, US officials said Kaspersky was vulnerable to influence from the Kremlin — an allegation the company denied at the time and criticized again on Monday.

“Kaspersky maintains that the US Government’s 2017 prohibitions on federal entities and federal contractors from using Kaspersky products and services were unconstitutional, based on unsubstantiated allegations, and lacked any public evidence of wrongdoing by the company,” Kaspersky said.

Recently, the allegations regarding Russian involvement in at least one political controversy were proven to be false. Why would this not be the case yet again?

Does Putin meddle in business affairs? That is something yet to be proven.

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