US Government Handing Over Another $58 Billion

US Government Handing Over Another $58 Billion To Pfizer

Well, isn’t this relationship between drugmaker Pfizer and the United States Government just too cozy for words? Not only did Pfizer get tapped by Uncle Sam to be one of the providers of the shots that are being pushed on the population with no efficacy proven, but now, conveniently, Pfizer is in the running to provide curative dosing for the dreaded scourge of COVID-19 when other drugs made by other drugmakers have been proven to be effective.

Pfizer asked the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday to authorize emergency use of the experimental pill, which has been shown to significantly cut the rate of hospitalizations and deaths among people with coronavirus infections.

The FDA is already reviewing a competing pill from Merck and will hold a public meeting on it later this month.

The price for Pfizer’s potential treatment amounts to about $529 per course. The US has already agreed to pay roughly $700 per course of Merck’s drug for about 3.1 million treatments.

Pfizer said Thursday the price being paid by the US government reflects the high number of treatment courses purchased through 2022.

That’s right. The company which paid the highest CRIMINAL fine in the history of the nation is a government contractor for yet another drug to cure what its “vaccine” had not prevented.

Isn’t that special.

President Biden said in a statement that his administration is taking steps to ensure that the treatments “will be easily accessible and free.”

“This treatment could prove to be another critical tool in our arsenal that will accelerate our path out of the pandemic,” Biden said, adding that vaccines protecting against the virus remain the strongest tool.

So far, nothing has worked to “stop the spread.” Why this would be the magic bullet is a question everyone should ask right along with why is it free, and if they are pushing the drug, is it really something the public should take?

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