Uvalde Superintendent Silent On Status Of Police Chief

Uvalde Superintendent Silent On Status Of Police Chief

Now that some of the shock of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has begun to fade, the cast of people who were on the scene at Robb Elementary School is coming under deeper scrutiny. One of those people is the school district’s police chief, Pete Arrendondo. Questions have been raised over whether or not he is still with the school district. The superintendent isn’t saying.

The Uvalde, Texas, school superintendent refused to say Thursday if the district’s embattled police chief — who has been blamed for the botched police response to last month’s mass shooting — still has his job.

“That falls in line with some personnel … and I cannot comment on that,” Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Hal Harrell said at a public meeting when asked about the status of Police Chief Pete Arredondo.

That isn’t the only position in the town of Uvalde from which Arredondo is missing in action.

Arredondo, who is also a newly elected Uvalde City Council member, was a no-show earlier this week at the only public city meeting since the shooting happened. He has kept a low profile since the killing and has said little to the press, despite his central role in the police response.

Given the open criticism of the man’s performance the day of the shooting, and those state officials that were none too happy with it or him, there is any number of reasons the man would be likely to keep a low profile.

Also at the school meeting Thursday, the superintendent said police officers are patrolling every UCISD campus during summer sessions and that the district plans to hire additional officers for each campus by the fall.

Hall also revealed that the district worked with an outside security firm to conduct walk-throughs at all campuses and identify security improvements.

That would be nice, but so would training the staff and faculty on how to safely handle firearms and have them armed in the classrooms.

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old farta
old farta
June 22, 2022 8:50 pm

Same old approach, ban guns, better locks, more training, less access, pass meaningless laws, etc, etc, etc.

Since nearly every shooter came for a single parent home, ban single parents.

old farta
old farta
June 22, 2022 9:03 pm

News “without liberal slant” is also news without comment.