Venice Beach Boardwalk Destroyed

Venice Beach Boardwalk Destroyed

With all of the craziness in the United States happening around law enforcement officers and the battles against them from Democrat lawmakers, challenges are popping up all over the country. New York City is rapidly returning to the dangerous cesspool it was in the 1980s, and now so are parts of California.

In Venice Beach, where the famous boardwalk was once a place to take in street performers and do some serious people-watching, the homeless have taken up residence, and the scene is not pretty.

On April 28, a man survived a shooting at the coastal hotspot known for its bohemian spirit, the LAPD told the network. A recent explosion caused a fire inside one of the encampments dotting the walkway known as Ocean Front Walk.

Residents and merchants are dismayed over the recent incidents, which occurred amid the expansion of local unsightly encampments, as well as a citywide homeless crisis that has grown worse in recent years,…

Over five years, the homeless population has increased by 50 percent, Fox News reported, citing a January report from the Luskin Center for History and Policy at UCLA…

During the pandemic, almost 200 tents have been erected on the boardwalk, according to a letter signed by hundreds of residents, Fox News reported.

“Venice’s world-famous beach and boardwalk are crippled,” the letter states. “Local children are refusing to come to the beach because they’re frightened by what they’ve witnessed. Seniors who live on or near the boardwalk are terrified of walking in their own neighborhoods.”

Venice Neighborhood Council member Soledad Ursua said store owners used to clear some of the tents but that months of lockdowns and business closings amid the pandemic have led to a surge in the number of encampments.

“You make sure to get home by dusk,” Ursua told Fox News. “There’s fights multiple times a day on the Ocean Front Walk … stabbings, shootings are happening weekly. It’s just a very dangerous time to be a Venice resident right now.”

This sad state of affairs is brought to the people by those who are in control of not just law enforcement and city hall, but the governor’s mansion.

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California Hits New Bottom

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May 10, 2021 5:11 pm

what will happen as summer hrs approach quickly – the store merchants along the walk will see their income go into the tank – if the citizens and others do not boot all these dems out of office in that area , it will just continue to spiral down the crapper hole – look at what the dems did to san francisco — its actually now a 3rd world shit hole –