VIDEO: ANTIFA/BLM Punks Tuck Tail And Retreat When Crip Gang Members Stop Their Looting

WOW! Now here is a video someone posted that will put a smile on your face… I bet you never thought you would be cheering on a west coast Crip gang member either, but if you’ve been paying attention to the anarchy these ANTIFA and BLM fools have been causing lately, you are gonna find this video priceless! LOL

The incident in the video below is described as members of the Crips street gang stopping ANTIFA/BLM looters in Long Beach, California. The Crips have been around since the ’80s… Well, they actually date back a bit further than that and some even claim they were inspired by the Black Panthers in 1969, but they really gained attention on the national stage in the early ’80s. When crack cocaine became the drug of choice and the gangs started taking control of its distribution, the Crips and Bloods ended up in a serious war with one another. The Crips were identified by their blue bandanas and the Bloods by their red bandanas… It became so bad that the colors were not allowed in schools and even became dangerous for the wannabe thugs… They didn’t take kindly to posers wearing their colors that were not actually members of the gang.

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One main theme of these old school gangs from the 80s was loyalty… Loyalty to one another and loyalty to their communities, or their “hood.”… Unlike these ANTIFA and BLM punks, they protected their territory… It meant something to them… Unlike ANTIFA and BLM, they knew if they shit in their bed they would have to lay in it that night… It was probably because unlike today’s ANTIFA and BLM mobs they actually lived there… If they burnt it down they had no parent’s house in the burbs to go home to after spending the night destroying things… These gangs actually cared about black lives… That was what attracted young kids to them… It was a violent and often short-lived experience for some of them, but these gang members looked after one another… They literally fought and died for one another… You won’t find these modern ANTIFA or BLM fools willing to die for anyone… Watch the videos. When things start getting rough, they run, whine, and cry like babies.

Anyway, enough with the history… Watch these ANTIFA punks tuck tail and run… Black hood, mask, and all…

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