VIDEO: Black Florida Sheriff Has Liberals In A Trumpian Style Frenzy!

This is the sort of thing that should make anyone proud to be an American and should also send a clear message to the public that law enforcement officers are on the side of the people… And they care!

While many police departments around the country have had no choice but to ease up and stand by because they are under the control of weak liberal mayors, there are some with a badge that are not beholden to anyone but the law-abiding tax-paying citizens of their community, and they are America’s duly elected sheriffs…

They are the law in their jurisdictions and can tell the mayors where to shove their liberal orders to let a bunch of thugs destroy their town. He is an elected official and only the people can remove him. The process of removing a sheriff by any means other than the ballot box is damn near impossible… I say damn near because if he is indicted for a crime or the people attempt to recall him, but that goes back to what I said about only the people that can remove them.

It’s a pretty safe bet you will not see these anarchist taking their lunacy into a jurisdiction where the law is under the control of a sheriff… There might be some out there liberal enough to allow things as we have seen in Seattle take place, but at heart, they are professional law enforcement officers and they are not likely to allow their deputies to be abused in the way we see so many mayors around the country allowing the men and women on their police departments get abused; nor are they likely to allow the citizens that put them in the office to be terrorized.

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In the video below one black sheriff in Clay County, Florida wanted to get out in front of the situation and has made a public announcement via YouTube and posted it on the department’s social media accounts. Sheriff Darryl Daniels makes it very clear in the video that peaceful protesting is welcome in his county, but he also makes it equally as clear that the destruction of property will not be tolerated…

He makes one particular statement that has sent the liberal media into a Trumpian style frenzy and it wouldn’t surprise me if President Trump retweets if it ever shows up on his Twitter feed because we all know he loves nothing more than pissin off the liberal media… Specifically, the Sheriff says if he has to he will deputize every lawful gun owner in the county to prevent them from destroying his county. Check it out… It’s refreshing to see someone willing to stand up to the mob that has taken control of so many of our liberal controlled cities.

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