VIDEO: Congressman Gohmert And Nadler Get Unhinged, Sgt, At Arms Requested

If you don’t pay close attention to all the details and events taking place in Washington, which are usually enough to bore even the geekiest of geeks to death, there was a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday and the focus seemed to be on what a horrible person Attorney General Barr is and how he is nothing but a puppet to the President… I guess that’s different than being a President’s “wing man” as Eric Holder admitted being for President Obama…

As has become par for the course for Congressman Nadler who chairs the Judiciary Committee the lineup of witnesses were all political Trump hater hacks so blinded by their frustration that someone from outside the career political system had the audacity to not only run for President, but actually win without ever holding a position elected or otherwise in any government, federal, state, or local… How dare he!

In the video I am posting below former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer was delivering his opening statement… These committees have a long established process for agreeing on the rules and establishing them ahead of time and to ensure good order and discipline is maintained they are generally adhered to… Mind you that the rules are generally regarded by both sides to be a pain in the ass more often than not but in Washington a pretty fair indicator that a fair agreement has been reached is when both parties are unhappy with the final agreement.

Witnesses know long before coming into these things that they can prepare a written statement to be entered into the hearings official record. The written statement can be as long as they want it to be, but the time allotted for them to verbally make an opening statement is generally five minutes… It’s no state secret, everyone knows this, the rule has been in place for decades, and there is no excuse or reason for anyone not to know this and prepare an opening statement that can be delivered within the five minutes allotted.

It has become obvious since President Trump was elected though that anyone who appears before any Democrat committee with bad things to say about the President or his administration is allowed to ignore the rules as they relate to time or anything else… Any Republican who dares question the reasoning or challenges to committee chair will be ignored… Even raising a point of order that the rules mandate the committee chair address will be ignored… About the only way a Republican can get any attention of one of these hearings is by raising hell!

Fortunately since President Trump was elected, the testicals on a handful of Republican representatives seem to have finally dropped and they have found their voice… One of these Republicans is Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert a good ol’ boy with a background as an attorney and judge… He seems to still be trying to adjust to having a pair but when he gets a good jolt of testosterone flowing he’s got that Texas hell raisin’ lineage in his blood and he can stir things up pretty good and he does not disappoint on this occasion…

As former Deputy Attorney General Ayer was going into his 8th minute essentially saying nothing new but eviscerating Attorney General Barr with his every word Congressman Gohmert began to protest and Nadler ignores or dismisses him every time he tried to protest… Finally, Congressman Gohmert just starts pounding on his desk with an object… Clack, clack, clack and he continued harder and harder until Nadler engages him… Nadler starts lecturing him on the rules and maintaining order and of course Gohmert said to him why should the rules apply to me if they don’t apply to anyone else… Others began to demand the Sergeant at Arms be called to remove Gohmert from the room but Gohmert continued.

Honestly it is a disgusting display of childish behavior on everyone’s part… These are the people who represent the American public and they are on the world stage acting like petulant little kids… As someone who raised half a dozen kids I can’t help but think the should all have their britches pulled down and have their asses spanked then say in the corner to think about how they should act when they return… They are an embarrassment to the country…

It’s good to see Republicans stand up to the Democrats when necessary but they all need to start acting like adults… I don’t blame anyone for not taking them serious these days… They have no credibility to lecture a nation of the importance of following the law or anything else… And they damn sure have no credibility or righteous foot to stand on talking about the President is not above the law because no one is above the law…

Anyway, take a look at our government in action and let us know what you think about the state of our representatives these days in the comment section…

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