Video Of UPS Truck Being Illegally Loaded With Ballots Emerges

Up until 2020, there has been a number of elections where ballots magically appear after election day. They’ve been found under sinks, in the trunks of cars, in closets…and all conveniently putting a Democrat candidate over the top in their installment, uh, election.

This year, the game has intensified with mail-in ballots being found…well, all over the place and, in an interesting twist, transported by any number of different services and in all sorts of vehicles.

There’s just one problem: only the United States Postal Service is permitted by law to transport official election ballots. The nation’s leading competitors to the USPS both confirmed that to wire services recently:

“State ballots must be postmarked to be considered valid and only the USPS has lawful postmarking status. Therefore UPS, FedEx, and other private parties cannot technically be involved in shipping ballots,” UPS said in a statement….

“FedEx does accept individual ballots, and we advise that customers planning to return their ballots via FedEx should closely review their state’s guidelines on absentee voting and deadlines for ballots or related election documents,” FedEx said, Reuters reports.

That being the case, alternative media reports of UPS trucks being seen carrying ballots are most worrisome.

Epoch Times journalist Ivan Pentchoukov recorded footage of what he says is official election material being handled by UPS employees and loaded onto UPS trucks.

Pentchoukov’s tweet read, “Is @UPS supposed to carry official election material? Because I and three #DominionWatch volunteers saw a UPS truck picking up a ballet of boxes marked “official absentee” from the Secretary of State’s warehouse.”

It’s kind of hard to argue with video.

In 2020, it looks like the art of the steal when it comes to the presidential election was one pretty large, coordinated effort that ended up being both a cluster and so big it failed because entirely too many people noticed.

And the clumsy, ham-handed way the cheaters tried to go around election laws…

Hopefully, this will be sorted out so it never happens again.

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