VIDEO: Ohio Sheriff Is Fed Up

VIDEO: Ohio Sheriff Is Fed Up And Will Shoot Back!

Finally, someone with the cojones to take a stand against the lunacy taking place around the country…

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio felt compelled recently after an officer was shot in his jurisdiction to speak up and he is calling on all of the other police chiefs and sheriff’s around the country to do the same… He also wants the citizens of this great nation to speak up and support law enforcement as well because as he rightfully points out in his video below… What we see taking place in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, etc., will eventually spread and one day will show up in your hometown.

Sheriff Jones doesn’t seem to be one to beat around the bush and while seemingly a rather mellow, even-tempered man in the video below, there is nothing mellow about what he has to say in either the Facebook post or video… His message is very clear… He will not tolerate the lawless nonsense taking place around the country in his jurisdiction. And if you shoot at his law enforcement officers… They will shoot back!

You can read his Facebook post for yourself below… In fact, if you are not a law-abiding citizen and are the sort of person that might be looking for a free pass rioting around the country… You definitely should read his post and listen to the video below…

VIDEO: Ohio Sheriff Is Fed Up

There is one thing you will probably notice is quite clear reading through the comments the Sheriff has received since posting this… The citizens overwhelmingly support him and approve of his sentiments and wish others would follow his lead…

For some reason, liberal politicians have not been able to figure that out though… Instead of protecting the masses and supporting law enforcement, they have chosen to stand with the radical liberal minority Twitter mob…

Let’s hope and pray that when the polls open up around the country… Not just to vote for the next President, but all the way down the ballot for federal, state, and local offices… That the American people will send an overwhelmingly firm message to the radical liberal loons that the communist liberal hippy movement complete with Green New Deal and wealth distribution schemes are not welcome and do not represent the traditional American values that the majority still embrace in this great nation!

Sheriff Jones expands on his Facebook post in the press conference you can watch in the video below and the politicians should again take note of the comments left by the American people who overwhelmingly support his message and firm stance against the lawlessness being tolerated by weak and feckless liberal democrats around the country…

Sheriff Jones is no stranger to controversy and his firm traditional American values and approach toward law enforcement have stood the test of time at the polls… He has made national news in the past for refusing to allow his deputies to administer Narcan, the drug used to treat people who overdose on opiates, he supported and offered free concealed carry classes for school teachers, he is an advocate for the Second Amendment, and armed citizens, and recently refused to be the “mask police” among other things…

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Do You Approve Of Sheriff Jones' Approach To Law Enforcement?

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VIDEO: Ohio Sheriff Is Fed Up

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September 7, 2020 8:04 pm

I hope more police follow suit and shoot back

September 10, 2020 10:16 am