Violent Protesters Assault Elderly

Violent Protesters Assault Elderly Couple In D.C. For The Republican Convention

Violent protesters were out in full force for the last night of the Republican National Convention.

President Trump chose the lawn of the White House as the setting for his acceptance speech as the 2020 Republican Presidential candidate and the streets were packed with supporters… They were also packed with the liberal loon mob squad that has chosen looting, burning, and smashing cars as their career… One car dealership in Kenosha, Wisconsin had their lot destroyed to the tune of $1.5 million in damage as seen in the video below. In the absence of any semblance of law and order in America’s metropolitan areas anarchist has become the fastest-growing profession in America.

The profession pays pretty well for those with an entrepreneurial spirit… Those who are well organized and can put together a logistics plan in a hurry are able to smash their way into the finest retail outlets America’s affluent urban shopping areas have to offer, persuade a sizable portion of the street mob to load as much as they can carry to the back of a truck, then speed away with some great product they can resell on the black market for a sizable profit… The markup can be as much as 100% and the only overhead is a small rental fee for the Uhaul truck.

The liberal Black Lives Matter movement supported by the far-left radical group known as ANTIFA is provided cover by their liberal politicians and propaganda machine referred to as the mainstream media comprised of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and an assortment of small local networks around the country…

The politicians and mainstream media spend their time either ignoring them and providing a complete media blackout, or when they have no other option but to acknowledge what’s taking place they speak of them in terms of “peaceful” protesters and chastise anyone who suggests they are destructive and violent…

The liberal politicians and media work so hard at this they have actually stood in the streets with buildings burning all around them and talk about it as if it’s just a small group that inadvertently set fire to something and that everyone is “mostly peaceful in their protest…

The truth, however, that is making its way off the streets and onto social media, thanks to the latest movement referred to as “citizen reporters” shows an entirely different story that can only be described as mob violence… Often times brutal mob violence.

The video’s below, if they are not removed from social media while you are reading this, show the violent mob harassing and then brutally assaulting an elderly man and the woman with him.

The conduct is despicable and sadly, contrary to what the liberal media is trying to tell the public, brutal and violent… Finding a video of liberal mobs assaulting innocent and truly peaceful supporters of President Trump can be found all over the internet these days and is so prevalent that even the liberal politicians and media should be able to find it and surely know the truth.

NO American, hell, NO ONE in America should ever encounter treatment like this on a city street of rural road anywhere… It’s time for the federal government to step in with boots on the ground regardless of what the liberal loons responsible for law and order in these cities want or don’t want… The longer this mob is permitted to get away with the violence the more emboldened they become and the more violent they become…

Law and order NEED to be restored and it has already been permitted to continue for so long that the only way it will ever stop is by force… There is no one to ask nicely and if you meet one demand they will come up with another…

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Violent Protesters Assault Elderly

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