Virginia School District Wins YUGE Case Against Mandates

Virginia School District Wins YUGE Case Against Mandates

All along, We the People, at least the sane ones, have pretty much maintained that the mask mandates on which government officials pounced regardless of evidence that masks do nothing but recycle bacteria are really illegal.

That has not stopped over-zealous Karens from all walks of life wanting draconian mandates to be sure just about everyone is working on giving themselves bacterial pneumonia by muzzling all of us.

One by one, the mandates are now being dropped, and in Louden County Virginia, the school district got schooled by a judge.

A Loudoun County, Virginia, judge struck down the mask mandate imposed by the Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) Wednesday evening, immediately allowing students to attend class without masks…

Fisher, upon taking his seat to preside, told the gallery — well-attended by parents and children — that they were welcome to remove masks if they felt comfortable doing so. He then heard arguments from LCSB asking for a stay in the case until a later date, justifying in part that the LCSB needed time to “know more” about a new law signed by Youngkin earlier in the afternoon that also ended the mask mandate — but which did not fully go into effect until March 1.

Fisher asked LCSB if they intended to comply with the new law or challenge it in court, but the lawyer said they need time to get the “lay of the land.”

Lead counsel on the case for the parent plaintiffs, Jones Day lawyer James Burnham, said in response that “They [LCSB] won’t even tell you if they’re willing to follow state law. … It is outrageous to suggest we should hold this over to see if the school board is going to defy state law.” Burnham previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and served in the Trump Justice Department.

Fisher ultimately denied the stay, saying that given the “ongoing nature of harm” alleged by the parents, he does not “have a comfort level that this will resolve itself.” He proceeded to hear arguments for and against an immediate injunction on the mask mandate.

And that is how the kids in Louden County, Virginia, got to go to school and breathe normally.

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February 18, 2022 6:53 pm

More people will eventually die from the covid vaccines than have or will have died from covid.