WATCH Chicago Liberal Mayor

WATCH Chicago Liberal Mayor Justify Preventing PEACEFUL Protest In Her Neighborhood

Talk about Hypocrisy… Yes, Hypocrisy with a capital H!

For months we have heard the liberal Democrats condemning the Trump administration for interfering with peaceful protest around the country as the peaceful protesters everywhere have smashed windows, destroyed cars, looted every business in town and have even tried to lock police in courthouses and police stations while setting the buildings on fire…

The liberal Mayors in every Democratically controlled city in the nation have sought out their 30 seconds of fame as they have stood in front of television cameras and appeared on liberal news programs chastising President Trump and his paramilitary thugs dressed as police officers in riot gear for having the audacity to dare interfere with peaceful protesters…

This past week during the Democratic National Convention everyone from small-town mayors to past Democrat presidents going as far back as Jimmy Carter to the most recent Democrat President Barrack Obama lectured the American people on the dangers of President Trump deploying troops who utilized tear gas to prevent peaceful protesters from exercising the most sacred of American freedoms, their First Amendment Right to protest.

The Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has been no exception… She has taken every opportunity she’s had to condemn President Trump for preventing peaceful protesters and for having the audacity to suggest that Chicago needs federal assistance to control their crime and prevent hundreds of killings a year…

Mayor Lightfoot has been the epitome of a good Democratic Mayor and anti-Trump mouthpiece… Leave the peaceful protesters alone!

That is until they showed up in her neighborhood… When the “peaceful” protesters appeared in the neighborhood of Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago she called in HER armed thugs and banned the protesters from being on her block… It’s OK to smash cars in other neighborhoods… It’s OK to loot and burn down businesses elsewhere in Chicago… It’s OK to assault people in another neighborhood, but don’t you dare show up in the liberal Mayors neighborhood and threaten her… No, if you want to threaten someone you take that sh*t elsewhere!

I’ll give Mayor Lightfoot credit though… She is unashamed and unapologetic… This is what she had to say about peaceful protesters in her neighborhood:

“I’m not going to make any excuses for the fact that, given the threats I have personally received, given the threats to my home and family, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they’re protected,” the mayor said. “I make no apologies whatsoever for that.”

I’d like to say I feel sorry for the other people living in Chicago, but they have been voting clowns like this into office for decades… It will be interesting to see if recent events open people’s eyes and they go to the ballot box more aware of the consequences of their vote… If not, then they get exactly what they desire… Total chaos!

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