WATCH Cocky San Jose Cop Shoot Citizen At Point-Blank Range

Sadly we have another example of what a bad cop looks like, but fortunately as terrible as the rioting and looting has been since the world watched George Floyd killed, the circumstances are rooting out a lot of bad cops who are being removed, some criminally charged to face prosecution, and others recognizing that it’s time to start policing their own and good cops are beginning to say enough.

33-year-old San Jose police officer Jared Yuen is a poster child for how a police officer should NOT act. Officer Yuen can be seen in the video clearly anxious for an all out fight complete with one of those smug looks that would make his mother want to slap him. He can be seen and heard turning to a few other officers saying “come on let’s get these mother F&^ers.”

At one point one of the protesters asked him what he was doing on the side of the cops as an Asian and he responded with “shut up b!^ch!” Shortly after that someone clearly upset him and he reaches around an officer in front of him shoving him out of the way with his crowd control gun and fires a rubber bullet point-blank into a mans gut.

The man he shot in the gut, a local resident by the name of Tim Harper was not there protesting, he was just trying to get home and moments before this incident, he was caught on camera by a news crew helping two other police officers recover and carry an injured police officer out of harms way.

Mr. Harper was so disturbed by the actions of Officer Yuen that he has joined the protesters marching against excessive force by police officers.

Officer Yuen was suspended when the video was made public but in spite of Officer Yuen’s obvious lack of maturity and clear display of excessive force, the Chief of Police was making excuses at a press conference assuring the media that he knows Officer Yuen and he’s a good kid who just let his emotions get the better of him. Lan Diep, the only Asian-American on the San Jose City Council also came to his defense during an interview. Sorry guys, but this wasn’t a bad traffic stop, this guy was clearly eager to bash skulls and has no interest in serving and protecting anyone… He’s after the adrenaline rush period and has no business wearing a badge!

Have a look at these videos and let me know what you think in the comments… Does this appear to be a simple lapse in judgment to you, or is this guy a ticking time bomb itching to kill someone?

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