WATCH Dramatic Bodycam Footage

WATCH Dramatic Bodycam Footage Of Police Officer Attacked By Violent Man With Knife!

Talk about a dramatic bodycam footage… This is it!

The video below is pulled from the bodycam of Montgomery County Police Officer Sgt. David Cohen who was the first officer to arrive on the scene of a man wielding a knife in the White Oak area of Silver Spring, Maryland in Montgomery County.

Sgt. Cohen activates his bodycam when he arrives on the scene before exiting his patrol car. When he initially exits his vehicle the subject holding the knife, 30-year-old Finan Berhe advances toward him but decides to stop when he Sgt. Cohen aims his handgun at him ordering him to put the knife down.

Mr. Berhe stops about 10 years away from Sgt. Cohen staring at him still holding his knife… After a brief pause, Mr. Berhe begins to back up slowly retreating toward a row of townhouses.

Sgt. Cohen immediately request his backup speed up their response using his radio while keeping his handgun trained on Mr. Berhe. Sgt. Cohen repeatedly commands Mr. Berhe to get on the ground using loud clear commands.

Mr. Berhe remains silent the entire time but continually maintains constant eye contact with Sgt. Cohen. Sgt. Cohen tells Mr. Berhe that he doesn’t want to shoot him and then he suddenly launches toward Sgt. Cohen running toward him with a crazed look while raising the knife.

WATCH Dramatic Bodycam Footage

Sgt. Cohen holds his fire as if he was giving Mr. Berhe a chance to halt his attack once again but it was clear Mr. Berhe had no intention of stopping and was going to attack Sgt. Cohen with his knife. Sgt. Cohen opened fire when Mr. Berhe was within about 15 feet of him firing placing five shits into Mr. Berhe’s chest… It wasn’t until the fifth shot that Mr. Berhe’s advance was halted and he fell backward onto the ground.

The police recovered the knife Mr. Berhe charged Sgt. Cohen with and transported him to the hospital where he later died from the gunshot wounds.

The video is a good example of how fast a situation that seems under control can become deadly real fast leaving a police officer no other option but deadly force… Had a liberal social worker been called to the scene instead of a trained law enforcement officer with a gun, the social worker would be dead along with countless others.

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