WATCH: How Race And Guns Can Escalate Fast

There was a pretty tense incident that occurred recently in Oakland County, Michigan between a couple leaving a Chipotle restaurant and a mother with her 15-year-old daughter that were on their way into the restaurant.

Most reports I have seen on the incident are making it about race, but I’m going to talk about it in terms of stupidity and let you consider the racial issues on your own.

Apparently the entire incident began when the 15-year-old held the door for the woman and her husband who were leaving the restaurant and the woman on her way out brushed against the girl who said, “excuse you.” I can’t tell you if she bumped into her on purpose or not… In my experience, most people appreciate such a gesture when someone holds the door for them but the woman took offense to the “excuse you” comment from the 15-year-old and the argument started.

The mother saw the couple arguing with her daughter and got in on the battle of words. The 15-year-old and her mother followed the couple to their car and the woman who got in the car tried to defuse the situation-kind of-but feelings were apparently hurt and tempers were wound up.

The woman’s husband exchanges a few words then gets in the car and began to leave… Well, why the woman’s daughter was behind their vehicle I can’t answer but she slammed her hand on the rear window of the couple’s car and began yelling that they had hit her on purpose…

The woman who was the passenger of the car got angry when the rear window was hit and jumped out of the car… This set the tempers off and the woman who jumped from the car pulls a handgun, racks a round into the chamber, and levels the handgun on the woman that was in her face. Eventually, the screaming stops, and the couple get back in their car and leave.

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Now, let me take a minute to explain the stupidity… I have carried a gun since I was a kid… No kidding it was a different time. I used to strap my .22 rifle to my bicycle and ride to an open area outside of the town I lived in where we could shoot… Picture that today. LOL Anyway, I also did a stint as a law enforcement officer and was a firearm and defensive tactics instructor. I am not a lawyer but I have some idea of what I say here and I believe it is important to say it because instead of people just watching and getting angry we should all learn from it.

First, if you are carrying a firearm you should avoid confrontation at all costs… If you are carrying that handgun because you think it gives you some kind of shield to get in the face of everyone that upsets you then you should leave it at home… So if the thought of some smart ass kid saying “excuse you” for any reason at all is going to set you off leave your gun at home… It’s no reason to end up taking a person’s life and more than one life will be ruined.

Stupid move two… If you get in your car after getting in a verbal altercation without any physical altercation, stay in your damn car where it is safe and drive off. If you think you hit someone or you are worried that they will call the police, then call the police and tell them what just happened… It’s better to just get away from the confrontation… And for those who think this sounds cowardly and there is no way you are gonna stand for someone pounding on your car and think a dent is worth killing someone over, then get rid of your car and your gun because you have no business with either…

Stupid move three… If someone pulls a gun on you, unless you have some sort of special ability to stop bullets, it might be a good idea to shut your mouth instead of standing in front of them with your cell phone camera as if it’s going to save your life… There are some really crazy people in this world and if you run into someone who didn’t take my advice above and they think a dent in their car is worth killing someone over, your smart mouth just might get your dead… Whatever you think you need to say to them, it’s not worth your life.

Stupid move four… I would like to know who trained this woman to handle her firearm… There is no doubt in my mind she has received training from someone because she kept good control of the handgun, kept her finger off the trigger, and was clearly remaining aware of her surroundings while yelling clear commands… There was one very stupid thing she did though that would have got her killed had someone actually attacked her or pulled a gun on her and that was having to rack a round into the chamber. If you are going to carry a handgun because you believe you may have to use it to defend your life then you had better damn well carry it ready to be used… Those valuable seconds it takes to chamber a round, or if under stress you forget all about it and pull the trigger and get nothing but click, it could be your last regret in life.

I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and have no problem with every responsible American citizen being armed… I’m not a fan of government-mandated anything but being a responsibly armed citizen means being properly trained… Not just trained how to make your gun go bang, but trained when and when not to pull it and use it You should be trained to avoid any situation that would make it necessary to kill someone over stupid arguments as well… You should think of that gun stuffed in your pants, or purse, or wherever as your LAST means of defense… If you engage your brain first, chances are you will never have to even think about using your firearm.

Would this woman have been justified had she shot the woman? Well, not with what had happened, no. Had the woman decided to become physically violent or produced a weapon then the answer is maybe… Once she got safely in her car, one could argue she should have stayed there, but one could not just dismiss that had her life suddenly been threatened when she stepped back out of the car that she would have been justified using deadly force. The only people that would have benefited from any of this though are lawyers.

If you carry a gun for self-defense, please remember that taking a life is a permanent thing… You don’t want to kill someone because tempers flared over something as stupid as accidentally bumping into someone… Tempers are dangerous because they can get out of hand fast… Like the handgun you carry it remains hidden but can discharge in a blink… Always be aware of that.

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Below is the most complete video of the incident I could find. Most of the videos being release start with the woman holding the gun and give no real context… This one will give you some idea of how the entire scene unfolded… I hope everyone learns something valuable from this and that we all consider how valuable and how vulnerable life can be…

If you do carry a concealed weapon for self-defense, or even if you keep a weapon at home for self-defense it’s a pretty good idea to have insurance that will take care of your legal fees in the event you are involved in a shooting or are charged with any sort of firearms violation such as what has happened here. The United States Concealed Carry Association offers several options and I would highly recommend you give them a look… I don’t work for or have anything to do with them but I do have one of these policies for both my wife and I and I can’t think of a better spent $30 a month in my budget… You can click on this link to check them out… This is my member referral link.

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