WATCH Intoxicated Knife Wielding Man Attack The Wrong Woman

Ok, here we go again with a recently released video from the police in Phoenix, Arizona of an intoxicated knife-wielding man who threatens to slice a police woman’s throat… It didn’t quite go the way he expected… LOL

The incident took place in the Cactus Park Precinct on June 14, 2020, but the surveillance/bodycam footage was just released as is common practice after the shooting is investigated as part of the much-needed transparency in policing movement. It is a common misconception that police officers do not like bodycams and while I am sure there are occasions when they wish they didn’t exist, the majority of them support the use of them so much that many police officers in jurisdictions without the funding for them have purchased their own.

Intoxicated Knife Wielding Man

The intoxicated fool you are about to see shot by this police officer with only about one year on the job is 55-year-old Jon Brouseau… Jon is clearly intoxicated and full of liquid courage… If I had to guess I’d say he had a shot or two of stupidity on top of that too… LOL

The young female police officer is responding to a call the dispatcher received of a man in a local retail store who was threatening patrons with a knife. When the police officer arrived the subject was in the parking lot threatening anyone who crossed his path and when the police officer placed herself in his path, he turned his attention on her…

The officer tells Mr. Brouseau to put the knife down but being full of liquid courage and stupidity he begins telling her to shut the F**k up and starts to advance toward her with a rather large knife in his right hand… The female officer proves to be much more patient than most would have been or frankly should have been and retreats backward for quite some time commanding that he put down the knife but his response was that he was going to slit her F**king throat and he continues to pick up his pace advancing on her until she had enough of listing to him… Then she shoots him one time… Again, this dude was very fortunate… LOL…

Intoxicated Knife Wielding Man

After being shot Mr. Brouseu falls to the ground and can be heard saying, “fuck that hurt.” I guess some people just have to learn the hard way… The subject survived the shooting but no doubt had one strange hangover when he woke up. LOL

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Would You Have Waited As Long As She Did To Shoot?

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