WATCH Liberal Media Meltdown

WATCH Liberal Media Meltdown On First Night Of GOP Convention

When the statistics and online viewership numbers regarding Monday’s first night of a virtual convention came out, the stunning proof was in the pudding. As many as six times the number of people who watched C-SPAN live streams were online during the event. Six times.

And this is despite the mainstream media playing around with the scheduling, and going to commercial at some of the more anticipated speakers on night one.

The event itself was so well done, it was even admitted on CNN.

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Aren’t those glum looks just precious? It’s not quite as wonderful as election night 2016, but, still, the poor babies got outmaneuvered even with all their erroneous “fact-checking” which was actually the subject of a discussion on the air Monday night.

Chris Cuomo, the little brother of New York’s governor, had this to say:

“[A]gain, well, who are people going to believe? We’ll see who makes the better case. And yeah, you can fact-check it to death. We could fact-check this convention all night. People were saying you didn’t fact-check the Democrats. They are not lying, the way Trump does. Do politicians lie? Of course, both parties engage in it. Yes, I’ll give you the full ‘Guilfoyle.’ But not like Donald Trump. Nobody lies the way this man does, has, and will that I’ve ever seen in politics. So — he’s lying to you.”

There’s actual lying and then there’s cognitive dissonance, which is actually what the president does, agreeing and agreeing and then changing his tune when the real truth comes out.

Being in news, one would think little Mr. Cuomo would get that.

Seeing as how he faked his COVID quarantine earlier this year and got caught, probably not.

In the end, though, the coverage of the GOP’s RNC is really going to be a preview of election night given the hard numbers of viewership. The Democrats, specifically Joe Biden, are in deep doo-doo and the people at CNN know it.

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WATCH Liberal Media Meltdown

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