WATCH: MAGA Supporters Booted Off Flights And Placed On No Fly List

Last week, prior to the January 6 events in Washington, D.C., videos surfaced online of downright celebratory behavior on airplanes headed into Washington. There was singing, people on bullhorns leading prayer, and no complaints of passengers being kicked off of flights that made headlines.

After a number of people dressed as Make America Great Again supporters stormed the Capitol building following President Donald Trump’s speech at the Ellipse on Wednesday, suddenly, people sporting MAGA gear are considered just shy of terrorists and apparently are being denied flying privileges on major airlines.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced online with a number of people claiming they were denied access to a flight due to their political allegiance.

An unnamed Florida resident, who had attended the riots at the Capitol, filmed the aftermath at Reagan Airport in Washington DC on 8 January.

In the video clip, shared with SNN News, a man lowers his mask and says: “I said Trump 2020 and they kicked me off the plane. They kicked me off Delta Air Lines because I said Trump 2020.”

A woman in a red coat, who appears distraught, says: “All I did was cheer. I have no money to get home.”

The man adds: “Your freedom of speech is taken away.”

The traveler who captured the footage also claimed on Facebook that a Delta pilot had been “escorted” off his flight for “talking about our president”.

They alleged that the flight crew was crying while “covertly changing their flag masks” so that they didn’t also get kicked off the flight.

While a pilot in command can have anyone removed from a flight at his or her discretion, the only proof that this happened was the video.

A Delta spokesperson told The Independent: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and customers.

“Actions taken to remove unruly customers on flights are based solely on behavior that affects the safety and security of our operation including noncompliance with instruction from flight crews.”

Union representation for the flight attendants’ union backs actions kicking passengers off of flights without any true infractions.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents employees at 17 US airlines, said rioters should not be allowed to return home on commercial flights.

“The mob mentality behavior that took place on several flights to the DC area yesterday was unacceptable and threatened the safety and security of every single person on board,” said the association’s president, Sara Nelson.

“Acts against our democracy, our government, and the freedom we claim as Americans must disqualify these individuals from the freedom of flight.”

Whatever the real truth is, for Trump supporters, and those who believe in America first, flying might well depend on those convictions being incognito while in transit.

At least for now.

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January 13, 2021 4:38 pm

So these flying waitresses don’t like Trump supporters because they’re STUPID enough to believe the liberal media, did NONE of them see where those antifa bitches SAID they were going to dress up like Trump supporters so the idiot public (my words) would think Trump supporters were thugs.
Goddamned stupid flying waitresses.