WATCH National Guard Unit KNEELS Before Protesters

In a disgusting display of leadership a National Guard Captain kneels before a crowd of protesters being led by an African-American woman who was trying to convince the guard unit to march with them. After taking a knee the Captain ordered the rest of his troops to kneel as well.

In the video the woman is bombarding the National Guard Captain with a rant of anti-American, anti-Trump garbage that he nods in agreeance with rather than defending his Commander-In-Chief or just keeping his mouth shut and going about his duties.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against peaceful protesters and the National Guard is there to make sure the peaceful protesters are kept safe, but our military troops should NEVER let anyone convince them to kneel before them or with them under any circumstance and the Captain of this unit should face a court martial for ordering his troop to kneel.

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