WATCH New Jersey Trooper Kill Unarmed African-American

At a time when the nation is in an uproar over the killing of George Floyd, the last thing the country and those in law enforcement need is video of a cop shooting anyone… Unfortunately some shootings are justified… Even when the attacker doesn’t have a gun of their own.

When people hear that a cop shot an unarmed man they immediately get some kind of image of a helpless, harmless man in a suit and tie with his hands up saying please don’t shoot… That couldn’t be further from the truth… It wasn’t the case with Michael Brown and it is not the case in this shooting either as you will see in the video below.

In situations like the one you are about to watch, a police officer has to be very careful because if their attacker manages to overpower them and gets their weapon away from them, they might not only shoot the police officer, but they are likely to shoot others as well afterward. Sometimes an officer just can’t avoid using their handgun in these situations and you will see this New Jersey Trooper make every effort to avoid shooting this man.

Share your thoughts on this shooting in the comments… Do you think it was justified or not?

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