WATCH What Happens To Liberal Protester Who Kicks Sturgis Biker

Unlike the liberals in New York City who have cancelled all of the 9-11 memorial events, to include turning on the light beams America’s motorcycle enthusiast we not going to cancel the 80th Anniversay of the Sturgis motorcycle rally…

There has been a lot of controversy over the 80th Anniversary of the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota this year in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that has most of the liberal loons cowering in their mother’s basement until they found a reason to protest, demonstrate, and riot depending on the location and day… Everything has pretty much become a riot at this point.

South Dakota is managed by a the competent Governor Kristi Noem and being the relatively rual setting of South Dakota they have had very few cases of the Coronavirus and the Governor has never closed down anything in the state or imposed any mandatory face mask requirements or curfews on the citizens of South Dakota… She has relied on the citizens to do the right thing and it has worked!

Governor Noem came under a lot of fire for hosting President Trump’s 4th of July event and the liberal media was certain everyone would die from the Coronavirus… They didn’t…

Of course the liberal loons are certain that bikers from all across the country that have traveled to South Dakota to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Stergis motorcycle rally are going to get sick then travel home and infect everyone there and in between…

Of course to make sure everyone knows just how dangerous it is to have so many responsible adults gather in one place during a pandemic, a mob of liberal loons decided to show up to yell and scream in peoples faces condemning them for not staying at home and living the same sort of miserable life they have condemned themselves to…

The liberal loons brought two things with them they take everywhere in this pandemic era… No, it wasn’t a face mask and hand sanitizer… Where the hell have you been? They brought plenty of violent tendancies and a whole lot of stupidity with them… Something they never seem to leave home without…

A group of the liberal idiots descended on to Sturgis’ Main Street where there was an even larger crowd of patriotic American bikers and one of the morons with an advanced degree in ignorance made the mistake of kicking a bikers motorcycle as he rode past them…

I can feel the blood pressure rising in my fellow bikers reading this as the thought of some liberal loon kicking their motorcycle has them looking for someone to choke… LOL

Well. I probably don’t even have to finish the story from here but when the fool kicked the motorcycle a crowd of bikers closed in on the protesters and the police had to step in and escort the protesters someplace safe… As in out of the range of someone’s fist… LOL

In the video below you will see that the police had to take a protester with a death wish down while other officers kept the crowd of bikes back from helping out…

Anyone else ever wonder how some of these liberals get across a street without stepping in front of a truck?

Check out the liberal loons near death experience in the video below…

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