Wealthy Russians In Dubai Outraged

Wealthy Russians In Dubai Outraged That Designer Won’t Sell To Them

The west’s isolation of Russia is so pervasive that even retailers not in Russia are refusing to sell to Russian tourists.

Recently, wealthy Russians on vacation in the Middle East were refused service by a big-name designer all for the crime of simply being Russian.

Wealthy Moscow socialites fleeing the war and sanctions to shop in Dubai are outraged that Chanel has refused to sell them their favorite accessories…
Russian interior designer and influencer Liza Litvin told how she was refused a Chanel bag in a top Dubai mall.

“I went to a Chanel boutique in the Mall of the Emirates,” she posted in fury.

“They didn’t sell me the bag because (attention!) I am from Russia!!!”

She told how Chanel “has a new order that they only sell after I sign a piece of paper saying that I won’t wear this bag in Russia.”

She exploded: “What?!”

Litvin told how ‘they asked for my ID details and I gave my Russian phone number.

“Next, the manager said that starting from today they were selling to Russians only if they sign an agreement not to wear their items in Russia.”

Several other Russian women complained that they had suffered similar ignominy in Paris, while a man was blocked in Italy.

Singer and leading TV fashion show presenter Anna Kalashnikova, 37, was also outraged after she was barred by Chanel from buying earrings and a bag in Dubai.

She explained how a manager at the store told her “We know you are a Russian celebrity.”

“We know you’ll be making purchases to Russia, so we can’t sell our brand’s items.”

So, it seems that the war is being taken to the streets outside of Ukraine and Russia by companies that usually use their products essentially for advertising. Interesting how that is working given the bad publicity the retailers are getting in the deal.

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