White As Snow Oakland, California Mayor Gives Black Man Bizzare Lecture On Race

You know we are living in bizarre times when white people of privilege, who have probably never broke bread with a black person much less been in their house or spent a Saturday grilling in their backyard are lecturing them on issues of race and telling them what historical images incite fear in them… I don’t know about you, but that’s just weird to me. LOL

In Oakland, California a black man named Victor Sengbe hung a bunch of rope swings throughout a local park months ago before any of these protest and riots that have become centered around race began. He said they were hung around the park to use in exercise routines and to have fun swinging from…

Many people have used them for just that purpose right up until some uppity self righteous white person decided that ANY rope hanging from or tied to a tree invokes “torturous and terrorizing effects” for blacks. Don’t bother trying to debate the issue with her either, this response of her’s pretty much voids any avenue of disagreement or debate:

“What a privilege for those of us that don’t feel complete fear and terror when we see a rope in a tree, that is a privilege that so many of our African American residents do not enjoy,”

She has turned the ropes over to the Federal Bureau of Investigations to investigate the matter as a hate crime even though the black man who hung the swings has come forward and told her to chill out… Like I said… We are in strange times when uppity privileged white people are lecturing black people on what incites fear in them. LOL

Who knows, maybe some black people do feel that way when they see a rope swing in a tree… But it’s not the place of some uppity white woman to correct them if they don’t.

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