White House Reporter Makes

White House Reporter Makes Stunningly Ignorant Comment About North Korea

Speaking about that which one knows nothing is not always a good idea. In the case of CBS reporter, Ben Tracy who is currently assigned to the White House, he demonstrated his lack of knowledge on a place it seems he’s actually been live on Twitter.

“I felt safer reporting in North Korea than I currently do reporting at The White House. This is just crazy,” Tracy tweeted on Monday.

This apparently was a reaction to the sheer number of Trump Administration officials who have reportedly tested positive to the current “plague” known as COVID-19. No one has died in the administration and very few Democrats have contracted the disease, but for some reason, the Republicans are despite taking precautions.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Tracy was schooled for his remarks by the peanut gallery.

“According to DRNK’s three-generation rule, if you or your relative commits a crime, you & the next three generations of your family must also spend their life in a labor camp, including unborn children but I’m glad you felt safe in North Korea, Ben,” tweeted The Red-Headed Libertarian…

“This is absolutely bonkers. Never underestimate the ability of national journalists to make everything about themselves. This take is trying to make it seem like being a White House reporter is akin to being an active-duty soldier. IBen Tracy would have made one big screw-up while reporting in North Korea, he wouldn’t have just become ‘sick.’ He would have likely been tortured a la the late Otto Warmbier or worse,” tweeted Curtis Houck of Newsbusters….

“Trust me, the public would gladly like to see you guys leave the White House. Overdramatic, professional pitch fitters. You can leave. No one will cry. Or we can call the Wambulance considering this job just may be too much for you,” tweeted Kambree Koa….

So much for Mr. Tracy’s sentiments being echoed by all and sundry. Couldn’t happen to a nicer breed of leech.

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